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Today is John Williams’ 79th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAESTRO! John Williams Birthday Thread at our Forum Mike Matessino Interview about John Williams (PopDose) Updated version of John Williams Birthday Tribute at John Williams: The Music You Haven’t Heard (

‘Great Performances’ TV Theme Video and New Williams Interview

Visit the Inside Thirteen blog to watch the new opening of Great Performances featuring John Williams’ title theme, and read a recent interview with the Maestro on his new TV theme, Spielberg, and more. Williams’ composition premiered during the opening credits of Great Performances: King…

‘John Williams on Images’ (1975)

John Williams on Images – Irwin Bazelon (published on the book Knowing the Score) – 1975 Excerpt from original interview by Irwin Bazelon Transcript by Ricard L. Befan Irwin Bazelon The credits on the screen say music by John Williams and sound by…