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Last updated: March 2, 2019


Clarion Call: Interview with Thomas Hooten (Audio)
The Lecagy of John Williams, March 11
Interview with LA Phil’s Principal Trumpet about his album featuring Williams’ Trumpet Concerto conducted by the composer.

A Conversation with Mike Matessino on Superman 40th Anniversary Soundtrack – Part 1Part 2  (Audio)
The Legacy of John Williams, February 18-25


Interview with Justin Freer, Founder of CineConcerts and Conductor of the ‘Harry Potter’ Film Concert Series
JWFan, December 14

The Musical Wizardry of John Williams (Audio)
JWFan / Tim Burden, December 9

Hogwarts Forever: Mike Matessino on John Williams’ Music for ‘Harry Potter‘ (Audio)
JWFan / Tim Burden, November 27

Mike Matessino on ‘Dracula’ and John Williams (Audio)
Tim Burden, November 15

Up Close and Personal: Conversation with Pianist Gloria Cheng
The Legacy of John Williams, September 27

John Williams and the Thornton Symphony (Video)
USC Thornton, September 12

Yo-Yo Ma on John Williams’ Classical “Side”
Projector and Orchestra, August 21

John Williams’ early life: How a NoHo kid and UCLA Bruin became the movie music man
Los Angeles Times, July 18

With John Williams Stepping Aside, ‘Solo’ Looks to Create a ‘Modern’ Musical Score for ‘Star Wars’
Billboard, May 26

‘Solo’ Composer John Powell Reveals His Process for Tackling a ‘Star Wars’ Movie
Variety, May 25

John Williams Honored at BMI Film, TV and Visual Media Awards
Variety, May 10

John Williams Eager to Reunite with Cleveland Orchestra, Conduct at Severance Hall April 5

‘The Last Jedi’ Sound Mixer Talks Working on John Williams’ Score
PostPerspective, February 26

Producer Mike Matessino Talks ‘E.T.’, ‘Close Encounters’ Complete Score Releases (Audio)
Cinematic Sound Radio, February 23

Williams Talks ‘The Last Jedi (Audio)
KUSC, February 15, 2018
John Williams interview on KUSC’s “The Evening Program with Jim Svejda”

Pittsburgh Symphony Trombonist on John Williams, ‘Star Wars’ and More
JWFan, February 7, 2018

Mark Hamill Hails ‘Star Wars’ Composer John Williams: ‘He Elevates Every Scene’
Variety, January 11, 2018

John Williams Is On Target To Set Yet Another Oscar Record
Variety, January 10, 2018


Director Rian Johnson on working with John Williams (Audio)
Soudntracking with Edith Bowman, December 18, 2017

Williams Talks ‘The Post‘ (Video)
20th Century Fox, December 13, 2017

Mark Hamill on John Williams and His Importance to ‘Star Wars’
Projector and Orchestra, December 5, 2017

3 Million Light Years From Home and 65 Million Years in the Making – An Interview with Mike Matessino
JWFan, November 6, 2017
Exclusive interview with album producer Mike Matessino about E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 35th Anniversary Edition, The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection, Stanley & Iris / Pete ‘N’ Tillie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and more

Why Kobe Bryant hired John Williams to compose the score for his ‘Dear Basketball’ film
Los Angeles Times, September 3, 2017
John Williams, Kobe Bryant and Director Glen Keane Talk ‘Dear Basketball’

John Williams and Steven Spielberg’s Work Together Is Getting an ‘Ultimate Collection’
The Hollywood Reporter, February 16, 2017
Article including the new recording of “Marion’s Theme” and behind-the-scenes video


Mike Matessino Talks ‘The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection’ (Audio)
Jurassic Park Podcast, December 12, 2016
Album producer Mike Matessino discusses the process of editing, producing and mastering The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection

‘Fantastic Beasts’ and ‘The BFG’ Tap Into Magical Musical Worlds
Variety, December 1, 2016
Article covering Williams work for The BFG and James Newton Howard’s Fantastic Beasts

The BFG: Interview with John Williams (Video)
Dreamworks, June 28, 2016

AFI Honoree John Williams Looks Back on Six Decades of Iconic Themes
Variety, June 9, 2016
Variety interviews John Williams on the eve of AFI’s Lifetime Achievement Award gala

U.S. Air Force Band Conductor Interviews Williams (Video)
The US Air Force Band, June 7, 2016
John Williams sits down for a short interview about his time in the U.S. Air Force with Col. Larry H. Lang, commander and conductor of The U.S. Air Force Band.

John Williams interview at WCRB (Audio)
WCRB, May 20, 2016
John Williams talks with Brian McCreath about Star Wars, Film Night at the Pops, and how he decided to succeed Arthur Fiedler as Pops Conductor in 1980

Philadelphia Orchestra Celebrates ‘Star Wars’, Classical Composer John Williams
The Philadelphia Enquirer, April 26, 2016

Pianist Gloria Cheng on Working with John Williams (Audio)
Indy Cast, April 28, 2016
Interview with Grammy award winning pianist and John Williams collaborator Gloria Cheng about their ‘Conversations’ concert piece as well as her work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other Williams scores

‘The Force Awakens’ Flutist on Working with John Williams
Jenni Olson, April 19, 2016

The Philadelphia Orchestra: Celebrating John Williams (Video)
The Philadelphia Orchestra, April 14, 2016
Conductor Stéphane Denève interviews John Williams in this promotional video for the orchestra’s May 2016 concerts

‘The Force Awakens’ Behind the Scenes (Video), February 22, 2016
John Williams talks about the main themes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a new video featuring previously unseen footage of the score’s recording sessions.

John Williams on ‘The Force Awakens’ and the Legacy of ‘Star Wars’
Projector & Orchestra, January 6, 2016


A Conversation with John Williams
BMI, December 22, 2015
John Williams on The Force Awakens, his career and Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

John Williams on ‘Force Awakens’ Score: ‘I Felt a Renewed Energy, and a Vitality’
Los Angeles Times, December 18, 2015

Tavis Smiley interviews John Williams (Video)
PBS, December 15, 2015
Williams talks about his career and writing the music for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Sharks & Bandits: A Q&A with Mike Matessino
JWFan, November 29, 2015
Album Producer Mike Matessino discusses the new 2CD sets for Home Alone, Jaws and Jaws 2.

Ask Dr. Know – A Q&A with Producer Mike Matessino on La-La Land Records’ ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Expanded Archival Collection’
JWFan, June 3, 2015
Interview with producer Mike Matessino on the new A.I. Artificial Edition 3-CD set.

John Williams – America’s Composer Brings the Music of Star Wars Back to America
International Musician, June 2, 2015
Williams talks about Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the American Federation of Musicians magazine.


Composer John Williams brings music of ‘Close Encounters,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘E.T.’ to Milwaukee Symphony
Journal Sentinel, October 1, 2014
Williams interview on the eve of his first concert in Milwaukee

Behind the Score: The Art of Film Composer (Video)
AMPAS, July 21, 2014
John Williams talks musical moments in film that have inspired his work, the process of creating a film score, and the director-composer collaboration.

Remembering ‘Empire of the Sun’ with Mike Matessino
Soundcloud, June 29, 2014
Tim Burten interviews album producer Mike Matessino on the 2CD limited edition release of John Williams’ Empire of the Sun.

‘Empire of the Sun’: Bringing Back a Lost Boy
JWFan, June 26, 2014
Article on the making of the ‘Empire of the Sun’ 2CD set, by album producer Mike Matessino.

Williams Talks ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at Special Screening (Video)
TCM, April 13, 2014
With casting director Lynn Stalmaster and director Norman Jewison, John Williams talks about the challenges of making “Fiddler On The Roof” (1971), before a screening during the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival.

2014 Best Score Nominee John Williams (Audio)
Classical KUSC, March 7, 2014
› For his 49th Oscar nomination, John Williams discusses the (non)importance of the piano in his score to The Book Thief. Plus, why he might have turned down composing Star Wars back in 1977, if he knew then what he knows now.

John Williams on the 30th Anniversary of ‘Olympic Fanfare and Theme’
NBC, February 21, 2014

The Role of Music According to John Williams
The Philippine Star, February 13, 2014


Eye on the Oscars: Composers Sound Off
Variety, December 15, 2013

Composers Help Tell the Story and Set the Scene
Los Angeles Times, December 10, 2013
› John Williams (‘The Book Thief’), Steven Price (‘Gravity’), Hans Zimmer (’12 Years a Slave’) and Thomas Newman (‘Saving Mr. Banks’) discuss their work.

John Williams looks forward to scoring new ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Indiana Jones’
Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 15, 2013

The Book Thief: Interview – John Williams
20th Century Fox, October 28, 2013
› Interview with John Williams for The Book Thief

Q&A: John Williams on Accompanying Steven Spielberg, September 21, 2013
› John Williams interview on the occasion of his appearance with Spielberg in Phoenix Sept. 28

John Williams on Scoring Star Wars: Episode VII (Video), July 27, 2013
› Williams discusses composing the music for Star Wars: Episode VII, working with Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams, and why he’s excited about returning to a galaxy far, far away

Marine Band Director Interviews John Williams (Video)
US Marine Band, July 11, 2013
› Marine Band Director Colonel Michael J. Colburn interviews John Williams about his “Fanfare “For ‘The President’s Own’”

Marine Band Celebrates 215th Anniversary with John Williams
DVIDS, July 2013
› Article on the recording of John Williams’ “Fanfare “For ‘The President’s Own’”

Film Composer John Williams to Make Baltimore Conducting Premiere
The Baltimore Sun, June 1, 2013
› Williams interview on the eve of his Baltimore concert

‘Man of Steel’ Will be ‘Hard for Me’ to See, Says ‘Superman’ Composer John Williams
Zap 2 It, May 24, 2013
› John Williams talks Man of Steel and Star Wars: Episode VII

John Williams Honored at BMI Film & TV Awards (Videos)
BMI, May 15, 2013
› Williams interviewed at the BMI Awards red carpet

Composer John Williams Tells Cinematic Stories Through Music (Video & Text)
CNN, February 22, 2013
› John Williams Interview

2013 Best Oscar Nominee John Williams (Audio)
Classical KUSC, February 7, 2013
› Williams  discusses with Jim Svejda the challenges of translating mid-19th century American into the score & the uncanny 4th Dimensional Experience (John’s words) of watching Daniel Day-Lewis


John Williams Praises San Diego Symphony in Rehearsal for Weekend Concerts (Video)
San Diego Symphony, December 7, 2012
› John Williams interview

John Williams’ Inevitable Themes (Audio & Text)
Alabama Public Radio, November 15, 2012
› John Williams interview

Spielberg & Williams: Inseparable Tandem
Variety, November 14, 2012
› Short article on Steven Spielberg and John Williams’ work on Lincoln

‘Lincoln’ Behind the Scenes with John Williams and Steven Spielberg (Video)
CBS’ ’60 Minutes’, October 25, 2012
› Short behind the scenes segment of John Williams and Steven Spielberg on the score for Lincoln

Steven Spielberg and John Williams to Host Benefit Concert witth ASO
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 21, 2012
› John Williams interview

E.T. Turns 30
The Film Music Society, October 10, 2012
› Williams reminisces his work on the score for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Running Up the Score: John Williams Brings His Cinematic Compositions to Eugene
The Register Guard, September 20, 2012
› John Williams interview

John Williams Talks to ClassicFM in Exclusive Interview (Audio)
ClassicFM, August 2, 2012 (Broadcast August 27)
› John Williams reveals the secrets of his life and career in a candid and exclusive interview with Classic FM

Film Composer John Williams Reminisces About Ties With Boston Pops And Tanglewood
Forbes, August 18, 2012
› John Williams interview on the occasion of the 80th Birthday Gala Concert in Tanglewood

John Williams, the Music Master
FT Magazine, August 17, 2012
› John Williams talks about old Hollywood, working with Spielberg and why he never goes to the movies

Celebrating Tanglewood’s 75th Anniversary (Video)
WGBH – August 14, 2012
WGBH’s report on Tanglewood’s 75th anniversary featuring interviews with John Williams and Keith Lockhart

Tanglewood on Parade – John Williams (Audio)
WAMC Northeast Public Radio – August 7, 2012
› John Williams interview

Composer John Williams Reflects on Tanglewood’s Enduring Spirit
The Berkshire Eagle – August 7, 2012
› John Williams interview

John Williams Recalls Jaws
The Film Music Society – July 14, 2012
› Williams interview on the occasion of the Jaws Blu-ray release

Williams Interview on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’ (Video)
NBC – July 26, 2012
› John Williams interview

John Williams Interviewed at the 2012 BMI Awards (Video)
BMI – May 20, 2012
› John Williams interview

At 80, John Williams is Still Building a Legacy
BMI – May 18, 2012
› John Williams interview

Q&A: John Williams Talks Fenway, Red Sox
ESPN – April 16, 2012
› Williams interview on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park

Interview with ‘Hook’ Album Producer Didier C. Deustch
JWFAN – March 14, 2012

John Williams and Steven Spielberg mark 40 years of collaboration
Los Angeles Times – March 4, 2012
› Williams/Spielberg interview


The Last Movie Maestro’ (Article & Video)
The Wall Street Journal – December 16, 2012
› John Williams interview and video

Williams Talks ‘War Horse’ (Video)
December 5, 2012
› Williams discusses his work on the latest Spielberg film

Williams and Spielberg’s ‘Masterclass’ (Video excerpt)
TCM – November 15, 2011
› John Williams and Steven Spielberg discuss their collaboration on the Indiana Jones series

Interview with Producer Mike Matessino about ‘1941’
JWFAN – September 26, 2011

John Williams Lets His Muses Carry Him Along
The New York Times – August 19, 2011
› John Williams interview

Musical Titan Honors His Heroes
The New York Times – August 18, 2011
› John Williams interview

John Williams to Premiere Work at Summerfest
San Diego Union-Tribute – August 13, 2011
› Williams discusses his concert work Quartet La Jolla and much more

Backstage with Brian Bell: Boston Pops Laureate Conductor John Williams (Audio)
WGBH – May 2011
› As an extension of this year’s Boston concerts, John Williams talks with Pops broadcast producer Brian Bell about ‘villains and heroes”, his new Oboe Concerto as well as turning 80 next year

John Williams Interview for Music Express Magazine (Video)
Music Express – January 2011
› John Williams interview


John Williams Joins Pops, Remembers an Old Friend – August 10, 2010
› Williams interview on the occasion of 2010’s Erich Kunzel tribute concert

John Williams Talks Pops – July 29, 2010
› Williams interview on the occasion of 2010’s Erich Kunzel tribute concert

Endlessly Devoted to his Music
The Boston Globe – May 11, 2010
› John Williams Celebrating 30 Years With the Boston Pops

John Williams to celebrate the soundtrack with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
The Dallas Morning News – April 20, 2010
› Williams interview on the eve of his Fort Worth concert

John Williams Video Portrait (Video)
Andrew Zuckerman’s 30-second video portrait – 2010


Williams Talks ‘On Willows and Birches’ (Video)
BSO – October 2009
› Video featuring rehearsal footage and interviews with John Williams, Ann Hobson Pilot and James Levine on the new Williams concert work

Interview: John Williams, on Great Performances, Steven Spielberg, and more
THIRTEEN – March 25, 2009
› Interview on the occasion of the premiere of Williams’ new TV theme during the opening credits of Great Performances: King Lear on Wednesday, March 25 on PBS

John Williams: Movie Music Man
CBS News – February 11, 2009
› John Williams interview

‘LSO – A Life in Film’ Promo Interview (Video)
LSO – February 3, 2009
› Promotional interview for the ‘LSO – A Life in Film’ concert on April 4 at the Barbican in London


John Williams Remembers Raymond Scott (Video)
Raymond Scott Archives – August 4, 2008
› John Williams interview

John Williams discusses his work on the score for ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ (Video)
Part IPart II
May 2008
› John Williams interview

Interview with Superman Blue Box Producer Mike Matessino – (Part I – Part II – Part III)
JWFAN – March 2008


Celluloid Cero
San Diego Union-Tribune – February 5, 2007
› Revered film composer John Williams will lend his works, and baton, at Symphony Hall benefit

Meeting John Williams (Video)
Fan video – 2007
› Interview recorded after a Boston concert in 2007


John Williams on SNF (Video)
NBC Sports – 2006
› John Williams talks about some of the scores he put together for SNF

Francine Stock Interviews John Williams (Audio)
BBC Radio – April 14, 2006
› John Williams talks about his music, his influences and his close relationship with director Steven Spielberg

Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Exclusive Interview with Album Producer Mike Matessino (Part I – Part II)
JWFAN – March 2006
› A fascinating two part article which goes into deep detail about Matessino’s project, and beyond!

Academy Award Nominees 2006 (Video)
A&E Channel, 2006
› John Williams talks about his scores for Memoirs of a Geisha and Munich

Composition Forum with Special Guest John Williams (Video)
Part I – Part II – Part III – Part IV – Part V – Part VI – Part VII
USC’s Thornton School of Music – January 11, 2006
› John Williams was the special guest at USC’s Thornton School of Music, where he addressed music graduates and participated in a Q&A hosted by Jon Burlingame


Yo-Yo Ma Reunites with John Williams and Itzhak Perlman for ‘Geisha’ Score
The Associated Press – December 20, 2005
› Yo-Yo Ma talks John Williams

Master Class – Williams Earns Himself a Spot in Pantheon of Composers
Variety – November 29, 2005
› Violinist Itzhak Perlman and music historian Roger Hickman talk about Williams

John Williams and the Music of Star Wars (Audio) – Transcript
NPR – May 22, 2005
› NPR’s Jeffrey Freymann-Weyr spoke with Williams and explores the music written for a galaxy far, far away

More Scores to Settle
The Times – May 19, 2005
› Nearly 30 years on, the Force is still strong for the Star Wars composer John Williams

Williams: ‘Star Wars’ score a challenge
The Associated Press – May 11, 2005
› An interview with the Maestro o­n the scoring of Revenge of the Sith

Williams Talks ‘Revenge of the Sith’
May 11, 2005
› Transcript of the John Williams interview featured o­n the Wal-Mart exclusive bonus track

The Man Behind the Music of ‘Star Wars’ (Video & Text)
NBC’s The Today Show – May 6, 2005
› John Williams speaks with NBC’s Jamie Gangel about his career writing compositions for movies like Indiana Jones and Schindler’s List

Lights, Camera, Baton
The Daily Telegraph – March 14, 2005
› As Abbey Road Studios prepares to celebrate 25 years of film scores, composer John Williams talks to Adam Sweeting about his work and his long partnership with Steven Spielberg


John Williams on ‘The Terminal’ (Video)
› John Williams interview and scoring sessions


The Music Man for Jedis and Joneses
CNN – May 7, 2003
› John Williams interview


The Movies’ Music Man
The Orange County Register – July 7, 2002
› John Williams writes the music that makes ‘Star Wars’ memorable or ‘Minority Report’ transparent. It’s all in the role of the film composer

Making the ‘Star Wars’ Music (Video)Transcript
CNN – May 15, 2002
› John Williams interview on CNN

Schubertizing the Movies
The New York Times – June 30, 2002
› Article on the score to Minority Report 

The Music of E.T.: A Discussion with John Williams (Video)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial DVD featurette – 2002
› Interviews and footage focused on the long-standing relationship between John Williams and Steven Spielberg

The Force is with Him
The Guardian – February 4, 2002
› John Williams talks to Stephen Moss about music, movies – and ‘marriage’ to Spielberg

A Career of Epic Proportions
Los Angeles Times – February 3, 2002
› John Williams has taken knocks for his movie scores, but as the composer turns 70, he isn’t defensive. He enjoys film work

Williams Scores with Olympic Theme
CNN – January 17, 2002
› John Williams interview

Screen Composer Records Olympic Theme
BBC News – January 16, 2002
› ‘John Williams has recorded the official theme to for 2002 Winter Olympics. BBC News Online’s Robert White was at the session’

Williams Talks ‘Attack of the Clones’ (Audio)
BBC Radio – January 5, 2002
› Williams talks about the score for Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones


John Williams Talks ‘Harry Potter’ Suite (Video)
› John Williams interview and excerpts from the Harry Potter Suite as performed by The Boston Pops

Williams Casts  Spell for ‘Potter’ Score
The Boston Globe – November 15, 2001
› Article on the recording sessions for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

Williams Adds Musical Magic to ‘Harry Potter’
USA Today – November 13, 2001
› John Williams talks about his score for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Williams Shapes More Music for ‘Star Wars
USA Today – November 13, 2001
› John Williams interview

The Music of ‘A.I.’ (Video)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence DVD featurette – 2001
› John Williams interview

Composer for ‘Star Wars’, ‘Jaws’ and ‘E.T.’ Finds Inspiration Conducting on the Road
Pittsburg Post-Gazette – March 29, 2001
› John Williams interview


John Williams Listens to the Sound of a Tree
The Boston Globe – July 2, 2000
› John Williams talks about TreeSong, A.I., American Journey, and more

Williams Reflects on ‘Angela’s Ashes’
The Boston Globe – January 18, 2000
› John Williams interview

John Williams on Angela’s Ashes (Video)
CNN – 2000
› John Williams interview

The Music of ‘Jaws’ (Video)
Jaws DVD featurette – 2000
› John Williams and Steven Spielberg discuss the music of Jaws


John Williams Talks ‘The Phantom Menace’ (Video) – (Part IPart IIPart III)
May, 1999

The Making of ‘The Phantom Menace’
From the Book ‘The Making of Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace’ – May 1999
› Williams discusses his work on The Phantom Menace

Making Star Wars Sing Again
The Boston Globe – March 28, 1999
› Article on the recording sessions for The Phantom Menace


The Film Music of John Williams
Film Music on the Web (UK)
› John Williams interview

Composers Learn Film Music from the Master
The Boston Globe – August 20, 1998
› Article on the John Williams seminar at the Tanglewood Music Center

John Williams’ Many Facets
The Boston Globe – July 27, 1998
› Concert Review

Weekend Starts on High Note at Pops
The Boston Globe – May 23, 1998
› Concert Review

Spielberg and Williams on ‘Saving Private Ryan’
The Boston Globe – February 24, 1998
› Interview with John Williams and Steven Spielberg

Scoring ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (Video)
› Interview and Recording Sessions


Amistad – Press Release
December 2, 1997

A Conversation with Violinist Itzhak Perlman and Composer John Williams (Video)
The Charlie Rose Show – August 8, 1997
› A conversation with world-class violinist Itzhak Perlman and conductor John Williams, the composer of scores for such memorable films as “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones” and “E.T.”, about creating moving scores for film and their respective careers in the music.

Star Wars 20th Anniversary: Interview with John Williams
From the FSM print edition – May 1997
› John Williams interview

John Williams Talks Film Music with Gene Shalit (Video)
› John Williams discusses his association with Steven Spielberg and is seen conducting excerpts from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, Superman, and E.T. 


He Knows the Score
The London Independent – May 25, 1996
› John Williams interview



John Williams: Making Movie Music History
The Boston Globe – March 20, 1994
› ‘Schindler Composer is Up for Fifth Oscar’


John Williams’ Final Bow
The Boston Globe – December 20, 1993
› ‘After 14 years, the Boston Pops conductor is too busy to look back’

Pop Star: The Legacy of John Williams
The Boston Globe – December 12, 1993
› ‘John Williams leads his final concert as conductor of the Boston Pops on Dec. 20’

Williams Makes a Stirring Debut with the BSO
The Boston Globe – August 30, 1993
› Concert Review

The Williams Whirlwind
The Boston Globe – May 9, 1993
› ‘Dinosaurs, Sinatra Highlight His Busy Last Year at the Pops’ (Interview)


‘Hook,’ ‘JFK’, are Latest Hits with the John Williams Touch
The Boston Globe – January 19, 1992
› John Williams interview


Pops’ Williams to Retire in 93
The Boston Globe – December 20, 1991
› ‘To Leave Conductor’s Job, Maintain Local Music Ties’ (Interview)


The Music Man
The Boston Globe – October 7, 1990
› ‘John Williams Writes the Sound Track for America’s Make-Believe’ (Interview)

Williams Talks of Pops’ Past, Future
The Boston Globe – July 19, 1990
› John Williams interview


A New Recording Contract for Pops
The Boston Globe – December 14, 1989
› ‘John Williams and the Boston Pops signed a new recording contract with Sony Classical, a division of CBS records, on Monday’

The Sugarplum Fairy Talks Turkey
The Boston Globe – November 26, 1989
› ‘All Christmas observances in our family are fairly traditional’ (short interview)

You Will Be Hearing from Him
The Boston Globe – August 23, 1989
› Trumpeter Tim Morrison talks about John Williams

John Williams’ Pursuit of Excellence
The Boston Globe – July 4, 1989
› John Williams interview

Orchestrating Indiana Jones
The Boston Globe – June 18, 1989
› Interview with orchestrator Pat Hollenbeck

John Williams Begins 10th Year in Tune with Pops
The Boston Globe – May 7, 1989
› John Williams interview

John Williams on ‘The Accidental Tourist’ (Video)
NBC’s The Today Show – March 27, 1989
› Film critic Gene Shalit interviews John Williams -with a special emphasis on The Accidental Tourist


Williams Says Pops Well-Tempered for Upcoming Season
The Boston Globe – May 1, 1988
› John Williams interview


Pride and the Pops
The Boston Globe – May 5, 1987
› John Williams interview


Getting Ready for a Big Date
The Boston Globe – April 22, 1986
› John Williams interview


John Williams on ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Video)
NBC’s The Today Show – 1983
› John Williams talks about his music with Gene Shalit, on pt. 4 of a week long series on ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’

Williams Answers Spielberg’s Call for Music
The Boston Globe – May 5, 1983
› Article on the recording sessions of Temple of Doom‘s “Sanskrit Sacrifice”


Orchestrating a New Pops Season
The Boston Globe – May 4, 1982
› John Williams interview


Borok and Williams Make Merry
The Boston Globe – December 22, 1981
› Concert Review

John Williams’ Quite Side
The Boston Globe – March 18, 1981
› John Williams interview


Where is John Williams Coming From?
The Boston Globe – June 29, 1980
› ‘From Hollywood, Principally, Where the New Conductor of the Boston Pops Scored Earthquake, Jaws, and Star Wars, and Worked with Frank Sinatra, Mahalia Jackson, and Alfred Hitchcock’ (Interview)

Q&A with John Williams
The Boston Globe – April 27, 1980
› ‘Pops’ Conductor Talks about His New Beat’ (Interview)

John Williams on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’
From the liner notes of The Empire Strikes Back original soundtrack – April, 1980
› John Williams interview

Williams Passes Test with Flying Colors
The Boston Globe – January 24, 1980
› Concert Review

John Williams is New Pops Maestro
› The Boston Globe – January 11, 1980
Article about John Williams as the new conductor of the Boston Pops

Williams on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (Video)
John Williams interview for UK TV

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Recording Sessions (Video)
John Williams interview and recording sessions footage


A Journal of The Making of the Empire Strikes Back
From the book ‘Once Upon a Galaxy: A Journal of the Making of The Empire Strikes Back’ – November 17, 1979
› John Williams interview


John Williams on ‘Images’
From the book ‘Knowing the Score: Notes on Film Music’ – 1975
› John Williams interview


John Williams Discusses Alex North (Video)
Part I – Part II
John Williams interview about composer Alex North

John Williams Interviews Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews (Video)
Williams, Edwards and Andrews discuss the music of composer Henry Mancini

John Williams Talks About His Connection With the LSO (Video)
John Williams interview

John Williams on ‘Dracula’ (Video)
› From Laurent Bouzereau’s making of documentary of John Badham’s Dracula (1979)

John Williams on ‘Jurassic Park (Video)
From the Jurassic Park Blu-ray Featurette
› John Williams interview