Reviews: ‘The Force Awakens’ Live to Projection

STAR WARS Film Concert Series 2017
Star Wars: A New Hope – Film Live with Orchestra
October 6 & 7, 2017, New York City, NY
Music by John Williams
Presented by New York Philharmonic
Conducted by David Newman


  • – The New York Philharmonic seamlessly synced their live performance of the Stars Wars musical score with a projection of the film directly above them. There was a nostalgic excitement preceding the show as many of the students had grown up humming along to John Williams’ unmistakable musical score. The majority of the group had previously seen the movie and were amazed at how powerful the live production was. It forced many to reinterpret the Star Wars saga as much more than just an epic action series but an amalgamation of the fine arts as well. The intensity with which David Newman conducted the orchestra instantly demanded attention and set the tone for the passion of the production. – Full article


Report by ‘rpvee’ (original post)

Interestingly, the music sounded much louder than the film this time around.  The orchestra was clearly the dominant force (no pun intended) for this one, while the original trilogy definitely felt like a pretty even balance.  Definitely not a complaint – after all, the whole point was the live music.  I also saw TFA ten times in theaters as an adult, while I was a kid when the prequels and special editions came out, so I definitely felt more… connected?… to the film than the others.  That’s not to say it’s my favorite, that’s absolutely ESB, but I do think TFA has much fresher and formed memories for me than the other films, between the months of pre-release hype and the experiences around seeing the film itself so many times in so many different settings.  I don’t know if that makes any sense – I certainly have extraordinarily strong connections and fond memories of the saga as a whole, but TFA was really the first Star Wars film I got to experience as a grown, independent adult here in NYC when it came out two years ago.



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