John Williams – The Tanglewood 90th Birthday Celebration: Reviews, Photos and Videos – Listen to the Full Concert

August 20, 2022, Koussevitzky Music Shed, Lenox, MA
Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Ken-David Masur
Martin Grubinger, percussion – Yo-Yo Ma, cello – Branford Marsalis, saxophone – James Taylor, vocalist – Eric Revis, bass – Jessica Zhou, harp – Itzhak Perlman, violin
JOHN WILLIAMS, Special Guest

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Conducted by Ken-David Masur

  • Sound the Bells!
  • Tributes (For Seiji)
  • Highwood’s Ghost
    Jessica Zhou, harp – Yo-Yo Ma, cello
  • Pickin’ from Three Pieces for Solo Cello
    Yo-Yo Ma, cello
  • Just Down West Street…on the left
  • To Lenny, To Lenny (For New York)
  • Escapades from Catch Me If You Can
    Branford Marsalis, saxophone
  • Getting to Know You from The King and I
    James Taylor, guitar
  • Sweet Baby James
    James Taylor, guitar. Yo-Yo Ma, cello
  • Theme from Schindler’s List
    Itzhak Perlman, violin
  • Throne Room & Finale from Star Wars


  • March from Superman
  • Happy Birthday
  • The Raiders March (Conducted by John Williams)



  • MassLive – Roads to Tanglewood were jammed and the venue sold out as throngs flocked to Lenox to be part of Williams’ 90th birthday celebration. It was one of the most popular Tanglewood performances of the summer 2022 season — a testament to the affection music lovers have for the famed composer. – Full article


Report by ‘SilverTrumpet’ (original post)

We had a really great time. The James Taylor stuff was really dopey and kinda boring, but everything else was a delight.

We saw Highwood’s Ghost during its premiere, but just about every other concert work we’ve never seen live, so it was a great concert after 3 years of Film Nights.

Pearlman’s surprise appearance was incredible. I’m glad I got to see him perform Schindler since he really didn’t look to be in great health. I don’t know if we know what his deal is. He’s only what, 74? He sounded perfect still. They had a bunch of people mask up for when he zoomed onto stage to perform.

Report by Ron Burbella (original post)

There was a VERY entertaining, split-second timed video of photographs to accompany the SUPERMAN encore.  It started with early black and white photos of JW as a child and as a very young musician.  Then it followed his career through the years, with many, many photos of his concerts, film scoring,  and collaborations with various artists and celebrities.   The photos came to a well-timed end with the last notes of SUPERMAN.  Quite effective in showing that HE is our musical Superman.




(Credit: Hillary Scott)

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(Photos by Jason LeBlanc)


(Photos by ‘rpvee’)