Spielberg and Williams Reflect on 50-Year Collaboration — and Williams Walks Back Retirement Plans

Grown adults were grinning like awestruck children as the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams discussed their unparalleled 50-year collaboration during an American Cinematheque celebration of the duo at the Writers Guild of America Theater in Beverly Hills on Thursday night — and that was before Williams, 90, thrilled the crowd, and surprised Spielberg, by rescinding his prior declaration that he would retire from film scoring after his latest project with Spielberg, The Fabelmans and then one more Indiana Jones film.

“Steven is a lot of things,” Williams said in response to a question from veteran music journalist Jon Burlingame about packing it in. “He’s a director, he’s a producer, he’s a studio head, he’s a writer, he’s a philanthropist, he’s an educator. One thing he isn’t is a man you can say ‘no’ to.” After an eruption of applause from the audience, Williams noted that he knew Spielberg’s late father, Arnold, who worked at Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation until he was 100. “So I’ve got 10 more years to go. I’ll stick around for a while!” He added, “Also, you can’t ‘retire’ from music. It’s like breathing. It’s your life. It’s my life. A day without music is a mistake.”

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Two bona fide Hollywood legends, director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams, will mark their 50th year of collaboration by making a rare joint public appearance at a tribute hosted by the American Cinematheque, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

“Spielberg/Williams — 50 Years of Music and Movies,” which will feature clips of and conversation about their work and friendship, will take place on Thursday, Jan. 12, at 6 p.m., at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. (American Cinematheque members will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets to the event, but anyone can become an AC member at any time.)

Full article at The Hollywood Reporter