New ‘Dial of Destiny’ Score Review: ‘Dynamic and Dense’, with ‘Some Musical Surprises’

By Pawel P. (original forum post)

Saw the movie on Monday.

If I had to compare the score to any of the previous parts in the series, I’d pick The Last Crusade. There was also really one leading new theme (Grail) and the compelling action music that dominated the score. There is even more of it here. Helena’s Theme we hear more often in the film itself in adventure arrangements (that are really great) than the one we know from last concerts. It’s only in its full “Golden Age” glory during the end credits.

But there is a lot going on here, it is dynamic and dense, because there is no shortage of action in the movie. There are also some musical surprises. In one of the scenes I heard something that would fit to “Dirty Harry” or Bullitt or other Shiffrin’s scores form 70’s. Very unusual for Williams.  There’s another theme, more exotic, similar to Tintin. And a lot of “Raider’s March” and twice.

The music is very intense, just like The Last Crusade mixed with Tintin. And sometimes it rushes like The Lost World. The music accompanying action scenes, with motifs accompanying the antagonists, is very intense and the whole score is very “busy”, if I may use such a word. Williams had a lot to do here. And must have had fun!

And there is theme related to the McGuffin – very simple one.

I can’t wait to hear the score from the album and I have no doubt that it will be a great listening experience.

Williams and Ross are listed as conductors.

And the movie itself? Without giving away any spoilers, I really liked it. A lot of humor, lots of action, with a solid emotion in the background. There were moments that really surprised me. The biggest acting star here is indeed the fantastic Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Can’t wait to see it again!