‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ Score Details

By TheUlyssesian (original forum post)

  • End credits order is Indy fanfare for the main credits (that appear one at a time) Maybe 2-2.5 mins. Helena’s theme begins when the scrolling portion starts. Full suite played. Following that – seemed to be like another suite, going through as many as 4-5 themes. Most of these are sinister / villain or MacGuffin themes. I think there are 2-3 villain themes and 2-3 MacGuffin themes. This is where the credits end, the Indy fanfare is not reprised after the villain suite. (This could be a film cue too).
  • Score is mixed well. None of should be able to complain. I could hear it throughout.
  • Helena’s Theme in the score proper is frankly okay. It kinda even sounds different than the suite.
  • There are several villainous themes as I noted above, they are good.
  • I couldn’t detect a direct Dial theme – it has some motifs for sure but I dunno if I might call it a direct theme.
  • I think there are some straight lifts from Tintin. I think the Tintin End Credits piece is ripped off for one of the set pieces. Almost note for note.
  • I think the vibe seemed to me to be maybe Tintin-ish and maybe even Star Wars prequel-y, in the sense it is a very busy scoring style I think. The music often lurches and pirouettes to reflect the action on screen.
  • The Raiders March does sound good. It is played at length a couple of times in the film proper (including the B part of the theme).
  • The rickshaw set piece that you’ve seen in the trailers should have sounded more fun but sounds a bit serious like. I could definitely hear some Tintin in there I thought.
  • There are two map transition scenes where the music plays without almost any FX
  • Orchestration and conducting is credited to John Williams and William Ross.