Petition: Get John Williams a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

John Williams is now officially, the second most Oscar nominated person in the history of the awards and currently, the most nominated person alive, second only in number of nominations to Walt Disney. Williams has also created some of the most memorable film music in the history of film for movies like the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones saga, Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Harry Potter films, among many more.

Along Hollywood Boulevard, industry legends like Henry Mancini, Hans Zimmer, and Elmer Bernstein have stars engraved into the street. However, John Williams, arguably the most influential film composer of all time doesn’t.

In order to have a star on the walk of fame, the honoree must first go through a selection process in which they are chosen from a list of nominees. If they are not selected, their nomination will roll over for the following year and if not selected then, a nomination must be re-submitted. A sponsor is needed to pay the fee of $30,000, the cost to install a star on Hollywood Blvd. Please pass the link to this page along, perhaps if we can get enough people to like the page, we may be able to get the attention of somebody, somewhere, who can help us make this happen!

Thank you all for your support! May the force be with you.