Boston, May 18, 2004

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by JOHN WILLIAMS
Tamara Smirnova, violin


  • Hooray for Hollywood
  • Bernand Hermann Tribute:
    – Gallop the Whip (Curier and Ives suite)
    – Springfield Mountain Ballad (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
    – The Death Hunt (On Dangerous Ground)
    – The Inquirer (Citizen Kane)
  • Henry Mancini tribute:
    – Moon River
    – Penny Whistle Jig (Molly McGuires)
    – Strings o­n Fire
    – Theme (Pink Panther)
    – Meggie’s Theme (Thornbirds)
    – Finale (Victor/Victoria)
  • Tango (Scent of a Woman)
  • Theme (Laura)
  • Theme (Far and Away)
  • Selections from Fiddler o­n the Roof
  • Theme (Schinder’s List)
    (soloist Tamara Smirnova)
  • Harry Potter Suite:
    – Fawkes the Phoenix
    – Nimbus 2000
    – Harry’s Wondrous World

Concert Report by ‘diskobolus’

Let me summarize this experience by first saying that the program I posted before is relatively accurate, but omits a few pieces in the Hermann and Mancini tributes. It’s not worth poring over right now to figure out which o­nes weren’t listed.

I was also correct in my descriptions of where Williams can be found before and after the concert. I waited outside o­n the sidewalk starting around 7:00, and he arrived in his Lincoln around 7:30. The car pulls right up to the entrance (there is a maroon covering over the door) and his driver will open his door, and then carry in his suit. There were four guys already waiting with Star Wars posters and stuff. Williams was incredibly nice and signed all the autographs we asked for. I was able to get both A.I. and HPSS signed in gold (I used a metallic Sharpie, but there seemed to be problems to get the ink to show up right at the beginning of the signature).

However, I recommend waiting until the end of the concert to get autographs and photo ops. I did this as well, and waited outside the stage entrance for about twenty minutes with John Takis and his friend. Employees kept telling us that Williams would come out, and were very nice about it. When he did come out, I had rehearsed what I was going to say about fifty times in the minutes leading up to his arrival. He was very polite about it and thanked me (What I said will remain just for me.) John Takis was awesome and used my camera to take photos of me shaking hands with Williams, who was really nice and let him take multiple shots especially after my flash didn’t work the first time. Aside from me, Takis, and his friend, there were o­nly a few other people waiting by the door. Be warned because I expect this number to be a lot larger Friday and Saturday. If you guys actually want to converse and get photographs with Williams, this is the time to do it, since he’s not in a rush to go anywhere.

For the actual concert, it was pretty amazing. The Harry Potter stuff was incredible, as were all of Tamara’s solos. A great surprise was the Tango, which I had no idea was the tango. Schindler’s Listwas pretty good. He did two encores, which were not terribly unexpected. He did both two years ago. Don’t highlight if you want the encore to remain, well, a surprise. They were <<the Raider’s March and the E.T. Flying theme>>. Very nice to hear them, although I really was hoping for Buckbeak’s theme.

All in all, this was the most personal experience of my life, it was unbelievable getting to speak with and meet Williams; although I will be there Friday and Saturday I don’t think I’ll attempt for more autographs, since tonight was so satisfying, but I really hope I’ll have a chance to chat with everyone going.