Complete Cue List and Analysis
by Jason LeBlanc


Irina’s Theme – A sometimes beautiful, sometimes mysterious, sometimes menacing 8-note theme for Irina Spalko. This theme was given it’s own concert arrangement (OST Track 4, “Irina’s Theme”), and also appears in the End Credits (OST Track 19 2:48-3:55)

Dovchenko’s Theme – Irina’s second-in-command, Dovchenko, get’s his own theme as well. Many people call this theme the “Russian Theme” or “Russian March”, but it always plays under scenes involving Dovchenko, with the exception of one brief appearance just after his death. This 9-note theme was included in the Irina’s Theme concert arrangement (OST Track 4 1:45-1:57), as well as the End Credits (OST Track 19 3:55-4:06, 4:44-4:53)

The Crystal Skull Theme – The theme for the Crystal Skulls is comprised of two parts, a repeating 3-note theme reminiscent of The Ark Theme from Raiders, and a 6-note melody line that plays over the repeating theme. This theme was given it’s own concert arrangement, “Call Of The Crystal” (OST Track 2)

Note: The character of Mutt Williams does not get his own theme. The “Adventures of Mutt” concert arrangement is a “The Forest Battle”-like arrangement of music from “The Jungle Chase”. See the OST Breakdown below.


Indy’s Theme – The “Raiders March” returns to guide Indy along his latest adventure, with both the main theme and B section getting new performances and variations throughout the score.

The Ark Theme – The theme representing the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders is used twice in the movie, once as Indy and the KGB enter Area 51’s warehouse, then again when a brief glimpse of the Ark is caught as its crate is busted open.

Marion’s Theme – The love theme from Raiders returns briefly in 3 cues, and then in a lush new setting in the Finale for Indy and Marion’s wedding.

Henry’s Theme – Henry Sr’s theme from Last Crusade is used twice in the film, in the beginning as Indy thinks about what he has lost, and at the end as he and his new family bond as the temple floods after the aliens depart.


# Title Length Availability Themes
1. Paramount Logo 0:10 Unreleased
2. Area 51 1:43 Unreleased Indy’s Theme
3. Dovchenko and Irina 2:17 Unreleased Grovchenko’s Theme, Irina’s Theme
4. The Spell of the Skull
4:24 OST Track 6 Ark Theme, Irina’s Theme, Indy’s Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme
5. Inside the Crate 3:38 Unreleased
6. Escape From The Warehouse 2:24 Unreleased Indy’s Theme, Ark Theme
7. In The Desert 1:00 Unreleased Dovchenko’s Theme, Indy’s Theme
8. Mushroom Cloud 0:23 Unreleased
9. Debriefing 1:15 Unreleased Irina’s Theme, Indy’s Theme
10. Resignation 0:28 Unreleased Indy’s Theme
11. Brutal Year 1:31 Unreleased Henry’s Theme, Indy’s Theme
12. Legend Of Akator 0:55 Unreleased  Crystal Skull Theme
13. Knife To A Gun Fight 0:44 Unreleased
14. A Whirl Through Academe 3:34 OST Track 8 Indy’s Theme
15. Flight To Peru 3:07 OST Track 7 Indy’s Theme (and B section)
16. Oxley’s Cell 2:14 OST Track 15 (0:00-2:14)
17. The Cemetery 1:02 Unreleased
18. Grave Robbers 0:56 OST Track 12 (0:00-0:56)
19. Secret Doors and Scorpions 2:17 OST Track 14 Indy’s Theme
20. Down The Catacombs 3:55 Unreleased Indy’s Theme
21. Orellana’s Cradle 4:22 OST Track 11 Indy’s Theme, Crystal Skull Theme
22. The Alien Body 1:18 Unreleased Irina’s Theme
23. “Return” 3:12 OST Track 9 Crystal Skull Theme
24. Auto-Writing 2:29 Unreleased Indy’s Theme
25. The Snake Pit 3:15 OST Track 5 (0:00-2:52) +Unreleased (0:14) Indy’s Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme
26. Escaping the Truck 0:58 Unreleased Indy’s Theme, Marion’s Theme
27. The Jungle Chase 9:06 Unreleased (3:16) + Track 10 (0:00-1:56) + Unreleased (1:30) + Track 10 (1:56-end) Marion’s Theme, Indy’s Theme (and B section), Irina’s Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme
28. Ants! 4:35 OST Track 16 (0:00-3:52) +Unreleased (0:37) Crystal Skull Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme, Indy’s Theme
29. Waterfall 0:17 Unreleased Irina’s Theme
30. Through Eyes and Tears 3:11 Unreleased (0:40) + OST Track 15 (2:14-end) Crystal Skull Theme
31. Ancient Protectors 1:33 OST Track 12 (0:56-end)
32. Temple Entrance 2:56 Unreleased (0:20) + OST Track 13 (2:30-end) Irina’s Theme
33. Disappearing Stairs 0:33 Unreleased
34. Into The Temple 1:22 Unreleased Indy’s Theme, Crystal Skull Theme
35. The Door Opens 2:16 OST Track 17 (0:00-2:16)  Crystal Skull Theme
36. The Chamber 2:30 OST Track 13 (0:00-2:30)
37. Leaving The Temple 3:33 OST Track 17 (2:16-end) Crystal Skull Theme, Irina’s Theme, Indy’s Theme
38. The Departure 2:27 OST Track 18 Indy’s Theme, Crystal Skull Theme
39. Knowledge Was Their Treasure 1:52 Unreleased Henry’s Theme
40. Finale and End Credits 9:20 OST Track 19 Marion’s Theme, Indy’s Theme, Irina’s Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme
 TOTAL TIME:  98:56
Raiders March 5:06 OST Track 1
Call of the Crystal 3:49 OST Track 2
The Adventures of Mutt 3:12 OST Track 3
Irina’s Theme 2:26 OST Track 4
 TOTAL TIME: 14:33


Paramount Logo 0:10 – Unreleased

Brief string sustain over the Paramount logo / prairie dog morph

Area 51 1:43 – Unreleased

Dovchenko and his men enter Area 51, and release Mac and Indy from the trunk. Indy’s theme is heard for the first time in the film as we see him put his hat on through shadow.

Dovchenko and Irina 2:17 – Unreleased

Dovchenko’s Theme is introduced as he gets out of a truck and approaches Indy and Mac to begin questioning them. After Indy tells him to drop dead, he punches Indy in the face. A voice stops Dovchenko from hitting Indy again, and we see that it is Irina Spalko, and as she exits her car as her theme is introduced. She attempts to read Indy’s mind with a performance of her theme orchestrated similarly to the Crystal Skull Theme, which will not be introduced until later. When her mind-read fails, she commands that the doors to the ware house be opened and the next cue immediately begins.

The Spell Of The Skull 4:24 – OST Track 6

The Ark Theme from Raiders is played as the doors open and everyone enters Area 51’s warehouse. As Irina tells Indy what she is looking for, a direct (but newly recorded) lift from “The Map Room: Dawn” from Raiders is played. Irina’s Theme returns as she lets Indy know that she knows that he examined the crate she desires ten years ago. Indy’s Theme plays as he decides how to find the crate and asks for a compass. Dovchenko’s Theme plays after he laughs at Indy and refuses to give Indy his bullets when asked.

Indy eventually gets what he wants and uses the gunpowder to track the location of the crate. A driving melody on strings enters as Indy has taken full charge, leading the men down the right path and demanding shotgun shells. The cue climaxes as the crate is located and Irina orders it to be brought out.

This cue was shortened to 3:22 in the final film

Inside The Crate 3:38 – Unreleased

Irina and her men exhume the alien from the crate, and Indy attempts to get the upper hand before quickl learning that Mac is a double agent.

This cue leads directly into…

Escape From The Warehouse 2:24 – Unreleased

The cue starts as soon as Indy drops his gun and it shoots a KGB agent in the foot. A direct lift (new newly orchestrated and recorded) from “Flight From Peru” form Raiders is used as Indy starts to chase the truck getting away with the crate. The Ark theme is heard as the crate containing it is busted open.

Indy and Dovchenko fall into a room below where he accidentally sets of a rocket tram, which he finds himself and Dovchenko accidentally on as it takes off.

In The Desert 1:00 – Unreleased

Indy and Dovchenko survive the tram’s journey, and their themes play as they try to get their bearings. Indy escapes into the desert before Irina and her men find him.

Mushroom Cloud 0:23 – Unreleased

Indy watches the mushroom cloud after leaving the fridge.

Debriefing 1:15 – Unreleased

Irina’s Theme returns as Indy is handed her file. Indy’s Theme plays as his war medals are mentioned. As we transition to Indy’s college, the same subtle fanfare that played over the establishing shot of the college in Raiders is used again, although at a slower tempo.

10 Resignation 0:28 – Unreleased

Dean Stanforth lets Indy know he resigned to protect Indy, and Indy’s theme plays as they relocate to his house.

11 Brutal Year 1:31 – Unreleased

Henry’s Theme is heard as his picture is seen while Indy and Stanforth discuss Henry and Marcus Brody’s recent passing. Indy’s Theme is heard as he boards a train to New York to catch a train to London, but his plans change when Mutt arrives and mentions Professor Oxley’s name to him.

An 8 second section is dialed out in the final film as the train departs.

12 Legend of Akator 0:55 – Unreleased

As Indy regales the story of Orellana and Akator to Mutt, the Crystal Skull Theme is introduced, albeit briefly.

13 Knife To A Gun Fight 0:44 – Unreleased

Indy and Mutt are about to be taken by KGB agents, but Indy instructs him to punch a jock as the cue ends.

14 A Whirl Through Academe 3:34 – OST Track 8

Indy and Mutt escape the KGB agents on his motorcyle. Indy is temporarily brought into one of their car, but his theme is heard as he successfully returns to the motorcycle and they enter his college. His theme is heard again after the head from Marcus’ statue lands in a KGB agents lap, and Mutt laughs but Indy looks sternly at him reminiscent Henry after the Motorcycle Chase from Last Crusade.

This cue was shortened to 3:15 in the final film.

15 Flight To Peru 3:07 – OST Track 7

Indy realizes that Oxley’s letter was telling them the skull is near Nazca, Peru, and the first map montage of the movie plays as they fly there to portions of Indy’s Theme (including the B section). In the final film, the first half of this cue was rearranged slightly and artificially extended.

16 Oxley’s Cell 2:14 – OST Track 15 (0:00-2:14)

Indy and Mutt find Oxley’s cell and realize where Orellana’s Cradle is, which leads them to…

17 The Cemetary 1:02 Unreleased

Ambient, unsettling music plays as Indy and Mutt arrive at the cemetary and begin searching around . This cue leads directly into…

18 Grave Robbers 0:56 OST Track 12 (0:00-0:56)

The orchestra explodes as Indy and Mutt are attacked by unknown assailants, coming to a quick conclusion as Indy takes out the last one by blowing a dart through his blowgun in reverse. This cue was shortened to 0:48 in the final film.

19 Secrets Doors And Scorpions 2:17 – OST Track 14

As Mutt stares at Indy in wonder and says “You’re a teacher?” Indy reponds “Part time!”. This music was meant by Williams to be scored with a quiet appearance of Indy’s Theme, but in the final film the music was dialed out and it plays with no music.

Indy and Mutt enter a crypt and begin exploring, and Indy’s Theme plays as he discovers a breeze coming behind a skull, and the lever it hides to open a secret door. Mutt is briefly attacked by large scorpions, but Indy is unconcerned as he lets Mutt know the small scorpions are the ones to worry about. This cue leads directly into:

20 Down The Catacombs 3:55 – Unreleased

Indy and Mutt go further down the catacombs and discover Orellana and his men’s burial site. After slicing open the wrappings of one of the bodies, the long ambient music that makes up to bulk of the cue is interupted by Indy’s Theme, which plays as Indy gives Mutt’s knife back to him while toying with the idea of taking the larger knife found inside. This cue leads directly into:

21 Orellana’s Cradle 4:22 – OST Track 11

Indy and Mutt discover Orellana and the Crystal Skull hidden underneath him. The Crystal Skull Theme makes its first full appearance as they examine the skull and figure out what to do. After leaving the catacombs and being caught by Dovchenko and other KGB, another map montage occurs with bits of Indy’s Theme playing over it.

This cue was shorted to 3:59 in the final film, where it is followed by source music upon arriving at the Russian’s camp. It is unknown if Williams wrote this music or not.

22 The Alien Body 1:18 – Unreleased

Irina shows Indy the body with the Crystal Skull removed. Irina’s Theme plays quietly at the end.

23 “Return” 3:12 – OST Track 9

Irina makes Indy stare at the skull and he falls under a trance, during which the lengthiest and most dramatic performance of The Crystal Skull Theme yet is played.

One of the few cues unaltered in the final film.

24 Auto-Writing 2:29 – Unreleased

Oxley draws the next clue on paper, then Mutt tries to reconnect with him. Indy’s theme plays quietly as he deciphers the clue, then again later on when looking at a map. This cue leads directly into…

25 The Snake Pit 3:15 – OST Track 5

This cue begins as Mutt punches a KGB guard and overturns the table the map is on. It plays through the entire quicksand scene, but the music pauses (for 6 seconds in the film, 2 seconds on the CD) when Marion tells Indy that Mutt is his son and he ponders that fact. After escaping the pit, Indy’s Theme plays as Mutt throws the snake away, then Dovchenko’s theme plays as Oxley’s “help” turns out to be their captors. (on the OST, sustained chords play instead of Dovchenko’s Theme).

26 They Weren’t You 0:58 – Unreleased

The cue begins as Mutt and Indy kick the KGB in the back of their truck. Mutt passes Indy a knife, and his theme plays as he cuts their ropes. Marion’s Theme plays for the first time as Indy explains what the problem was with the girls he dated after Marion: “They weren’t you, honey”.

27 The Jungle Chase 9:06 – Unreleased (3:16) + OST Track 10 (0:00-1:56) + Unreleased (1:30) + OST Track 10 (1:56-end)

Indy knocks out the driver of their truck and commandeers it. Marion’s Theme plays as she climbs into the front seat. Mutt joins her as the music quiets and he doesn’t know what to say, but the music picks up again when Indy returns to the front seat with a rocket launcher. His theme plays as they survive the wheel that slices through their truck and he joins his family in the front seat.

A delicious, menacing version of Irina’s Theme plays as she stands in the road holding the Crystal Skull, then Dovchenko’s Theme plays as the KGB get into their vehicles and drive off. Indy’s theme returns briefly as they pull up right behind them in hot pursuit.

Indy jumps to a parallel truck/boat and is quickly joined by Marion and Mutt. After some brief machine gun fire, Indy’s theme plays again as he tells Mutt to find a weapon. He jumps to another truck in parallel containing Oxley and the skull, knocks out some KGB, punches Mac again, and the B section of his theme plays plays as he disables the rest of the KGB and redirects the truck over a log, sending all the KGB flying out except for Dovchenko, who manages to hang onto the back of the truck.

Irina attemps to fire at them, but her gun has run out of ammo. As she draws her sword, her theme comes back in another menacing variation. Dovchenko crawls up onto the top of the truck she pulls up beside Indy and Mac, then tosses the skull to the truck Irina’s in. Her theme plays as she drives away with it.

Marion and Mutt’s truck pulls up beside her, and Mutt grabs the skull with his sword and flicks it ito their truck. Mutt and Irina engage in a sword fight from their respective trucks. Irina’s theme plays as she regains the skull after briefly seperating Mutt from his sword.

After more swordplay, Marion gets briefly knocked unconcious, and unable to steer the truck, Mutts lets end up spread very far, one on each truck. Then Indy’s truck arrives and hits the vehicles, sending Mutt to the KGB vehicle with the skull and Irina to Marion’s truck. Marion slams on the brakes sending Irina to the front and the machine gun, and Mutt grabs the skull and uses it to bean the KGB driving his truck on the head, but then Marion and Irina crash into Mutt’s truck, sending her into it. She takes out Mutt, grabs the skull, and tosses Mutt out the back, who lands in Indy’s truck who has just arrived.

Indy pursues Irina, but Mutt gets caught in a vine and ends up in the trees with some monkeys. As Indy’s truck and Irina’s truck make their way by a cliffside, Mutt swings on vines as Indy’s theme briefly plays. Irina’s theme returns as she takes over driving in her truck, then plays again as a knocked out RGB agent that was in our heroe’s truck briefly regains concious and jumps out the back.

Indy’s theme returns as Mutt swings some more, then Irina’s theme plays briefly as she says something to Indy. But Mutt has caught up with the convoy, and swings into Irina’s truck, grabs the skull, and Irina is taken out by monkeys that accompanied him. The two vehicles come to a crashing halt into a dirt hill, and over 9 minutes of non-stop action music from the Maestro concludes.

28 Ants! 4:35 OST Track 16 + Unreleased (0:37)

Irina immediately gets the upper foot by drawing her gun on our heroes, but giant red ants begin emerging from everywhere and our heroes are able to escape while she is distracted.

However, another truck full of KGB arrive, and Dovchenko jumps out and seperates Indy from the rest. Marion finds a truck and grabs Mac and Mutt, but Oxley is on the ground with the skull. The Crystal Skull Theme returns as the ants stay away from him, creating a circle of safety around him as well as Indy and Dovchenko, who are fighting nearby. Dovchenko’s Theme plays as they exchange punches, including an especially menacing version after he knocks Indy to the ground and picks him back up to do more damage. Indy knocks him to the ground and the ants pull his body into their anthill.

Indy’s fedora is being dragged into the same anthill on the backs of several of the ants, but Indy grabs it in time as his theme plays. Dovchenko’s Theme plays one last time in the film (before the End Credits) as Irina and the KGB exit their vehicle and lay ropes down the cliff wall, as they will now have to continue their mission without their comrade. Marion’s Theme plays for the last time until the Finale as she guns the accelerator and drives our heroe’s truck off a cliff and into a tree.

In the final film, the statement of Indy’s Theme is replaced with the segment containing Indy’s Theme from “Area 51”. William’s original version can be heard on the soundtrack album, which also omits the ending of the cue containing Marion’s Theme and Dovchenko’s Theme.

29 Waterfall 0:17 – Unreleased

Irina’s Theme kicks off this brief cue as she stairs at our heroes getting away. Oxley mentions three drops down but the music fades out before their first descent, and the waterfall sequence plays with no score in the film.

30 Through Eyes and Tears 3:03 – Unreleased (0:40) + OST Track 15 (2:14-end)

Indy tries to send everyone home and go on alone, but the entire crew follow him into the eye of a giant skull-shaped outcropping. The Crystal Skull Theme plays as they explore ancient wall paintings, then plays again as Oxley holds the skull up to reveal its shadow matches the engravings on the wall.

31 Ancient Protectors 1:33 – OST Track 12 (0:56-end)

Ancient warriors emerge from every crevice and chase our heroes out into an opening, but their lives are spared when Oxley reveals the skull. This music is similar to Grave Robbers, and a portion of the cue was in fact replaced with Grave Robbers in the final film.

32 Temple Entrance 2:56 – Unreleased (0:14) + OST Track 13 (2:30-end)

A slow version of Irina’s Theme plays as she finds the first of Mac’s markers. Our heroes make their way up to a giant temple, and Indy deduces how to create an opening with help from Oxley. The soundtrack version omits the appearance of Irina’s Theme.

33 Disappearing Stairs 0:33 – Unreleased

Our heroes run down the disappearing stairs

34 Into the Temple 1:22 – Unreleased

Indy’s Theme plays as Mutt tries to suggest which way they should continue. Irina follows Mac’s trail as her men kill the ancient protectors, and the Crystal Skull theme returns as they make their way into a chamber full of artifacts.

35 The Door Opens 2:16 – OST Track 17 (0:00-2:16)

Oxley stares at the door at the end of the treasure room, and the Crystal Skull theme returns as Indy holds the skull to the door to open it. It plays again as the door is opened and our heroes enter the Alien’s chamber.

Another cue almost completely unaltered in the final film.

36 The Chamber 2:30 – OST Track 13 (0:00-2:30)

Irina appears and Mac is revealed as a triple agent. The skull is reunited with its skeleton, and Oxley begins speaking Myan. The cue ends as the room begins falling apart and the outer perimeter begins to spin.

This cue was also barely altered in the final film.

37 Leaving The Temple 3:33 – OST Track 17 (2:16-end)

The Chamber continues to disintegrate and our heroes try to leave, while Irina stays to demand receive her “gift”. Irina’s Theme and The Crystal Skull Theme are interwoven throughout the cue, as well as brief appearances of Indy’s Theme. A final, distorted version of Irina’s Theme plays as she dies.

The first minute of this cue was dropped from the final film.

38 The Departure 2:27 – OST Track 18

It looks like our heroes will not escape the Temple as it is being completely destroyed, but a wave of water carries them up an ancient well and they are safe as Indy’s Theme briefly comes into play. Majestic music and a final performance of The Crystal Skull Theme plays as the alien ship departs.

This track was shortened to 2:01 in the final film, and includes a brieg choral segment not included on the soundtrack album.

39 Knowledge Was Their Treasure 1:52 – Unreleased

Indy and his family talk as the temple floods after the aliens depart. Henry’s theme is used for most of this scene. Back at Indy’s college, Professor Stanforth asks a painter to make Indy’s name on the door of his new office bigger.

40 Finale 9:20 – OST Track 19

A new lush setting of Marion’s Theme is used for the wedding, then the familar opening chords of the Raiders March begins as the church doors blow open and Indy’s fedora is blown right up to Mutt’s feet. Just when you think the torch is being passed, Indy snatches the hat and everyone heads outside as the end credits begin rolling.

The new end credits arrangment runs through Irina’s Theme, Dovchenko’s Theme, Adventures of Mutt, Marion’s Theme, and a newly orchestrated ending of the Raiders March. This medly was shorted in the final film to match the length of the final end credits.


Raiders March 5:06The familiar concert arrangement of Indy’s Theme and Marion’s Theme, newly recorded for the soundtrack album.

Call of the Crystal 3:49

Concert arrangement of the Crystal Skull Theme.

The Adventures of Mutt 3:12

Similar to “The Forest Battle” from Return of the Jedi, “A Window Of The Past” from Harry Potter 3, and “Battle Of The Heroes” from Revenge of the Sith, this is a concert arrangement built around a portion of a cue from the score. In this case it is the portion of “The Jungle Chase” underscoring Mutt and Irina’s swordfight. Do not be confused into thinking Mutt has a leitmotif theme in the score, as he does not. The “theme” from this cue ONLY plays in The Jungle Chase and the End Credits in the film.

Irina’s Theme 2:26

A concert arrangement of Irina’s Theme and Dovchenko’s Theme

The Snake Pit 3:15

Cue 25, with the silent part (at 1:33) shortened from 7 seconds down to 2.

Additionally, the appearance of Dovchenko’s theme at the end of the cue is replaced on a album with a short string sustain under piano chords. (2:52-end)

The Spell of the Skull 4:24

Cue 4, which was shortened to 3:22 in the final film

The Journey to Akator 3:07

This is actually cue 15, “Flight To Peru”

A Whirl Through Academe 3:34

Cue 14, which was shortened to 3:15 in the final film

“Return” 3:12

Cue 23

10 The Jungle Chase 4:23

This is 2 seperate portions of cue 27, which runs over 9 minutes in full

11 Orellana’s Cradle 4:22

Cue 21, which was shortened to 3:59 in the final film

12 Grave Robbers 2:29

[0:00-0:56] is cue 18, “Grave Robbers”
[0:56-end] is cue 31, “Ancient Protectors”

13 Hidden Treasure and the City of Gold 5:14

[0:00-2:30] is cue 36, “The Chamber”
[2:30-end] is a most of cue 32, “Temple Entrance”. The beginning, containing Irina’s Theme, in not included.

14 Secret Doors and Scorpions 2:17

Cue 19

15 Oxley’s Dilemma 4:46

[0:00-2:14] is cue 16, “Oxley’s Cell”
[2:14-end] is most of cue 30, “Through Eyes and Tears”

16 Ants! 4:14

Cue 28, without the ending containing Dovchenko’s Theme and Marion’s Theme.

17 Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed 5:51

[0:00-2:16] cue 35, “The Door Opens”
[2:16-end] cue 37, “Leaving The Temple”

18 The Departure 2:27

Cue 38, without the choral elements heard in the final film.

19 Finale 9:20

Cue 40

So, to listen to what’s on the CD in chronological order, do this:

1. The Spell of the Skull Track 6
2. A Whirl Through Academe Track 8
3. Flight To Peru Track 7
4. Oxley’s Cell Track 15a (0:00-2:14)
5. Grave Robbers Track 12a (0:00-0:56)
6. Secret Doors and Scorpions Track 14
7. Orellana’s Cradle Track 11
8. “Return” Track 9
9. The Snake Pit Track 5
10. The Jungle Chase Track 10
11. Ants! Track 16
12. Through Eyes and Tears Track 15b (2:14-end)
13. Ancient Protectors Track 12b (0:56-end)
14. Temple Entrance Track 13b (2:30-end)
15. The Door Opens Track 17a (0:00-2:16)
16. The Chamber Track 13a (0:00-2:30)
17. Leaving The Temple Track 17b (2:16-end)
18. The Departure Track 18
19. Finale and End Credits Track 19
Raiders March Track 1
Call of the Crystal Track 2
The Adventures of Mutt Track 3
Irina’s Theme Track 4

To listen to the CD in mostly chronological order without wave editing, do this:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 7 – 12 – 14 – 11 – 9 – 5 – 10 – 16 – 15 – 13 – 17 – 18 – 19


The full score appears to be about 99 minutes, and we got about 62 of them on the original soundtrack album (plus about 15 minutes of concert arrangements), leaving about 37 minutes unreleased. Thus over a third of Williams’ complete score remains unreleased.