STAR WARS: EPISODE I – THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999) – The Ultimate Edition (Track-by-Track Analysis)


Track-by-track Analysis by Mike Troxell

DISC #1 (57:27)

Track 01 Fox Fanfare (0:23)
This is the classic fanfare for the Twentieth Century Fox film studios. It was written by Alfred Newman in 1954 and this particular recording is John Williams’s rerecording for The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, I believe.

Treachery Within the Federation – The Invasion of Naboo

Track 02 Star Wars Main Title (1:24)
Another classic track, this is a modified rerecording of the theme written in 1976 by John Williams for A New Hope and rerecorded for The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). The snare drum is heightened in this recording. The theme used here is referred to as “Luke Skywalker’s Theme.” This track segues right into…

Track 03 Boarding the Federation Battleship (2:31)
This music is used as the Republic Cruiser pulls into the Federation Battleship. Ambient strings provide the uneasiness that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon feel on the ship–something is amiss. The music segues to a two-note motif by tuba. This is part of the scene where TC-14 warns the Trade Federation Viceroys about the Jedi. More ambient strings as Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are served by TC-14. This track segues directly to…

Track 04 Death Warrant for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan (1:19)
This is the first use of the Darth Sidious/Emperor Theme introduced in Return of the Jedi. This dark theme is primarily performed by a male chorus. This is also the first point where the new Sith Chant appears. Many believe this was added to the film by sound editors and not by Williams himself because in all previously available versions of these tracks the chant was not there. Drums roll the music back to the boardroom, where the Jedi notice gas rising from the floor. Brass plays a motif that shows the danger. The two Jedi take a deep breath of fresh air. Timpani and trumpet are played as the Battle Droids gather outside of the doors to clean up the remains. A sustained string note plays off of the tension. The note continues onto the next track…

Track 05 Fighting the Destroyer Droids (1:45)
The track begins as Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon jump out the doors and surprise the battle droids. Luke Skywalker’s theme plays as the Jedi slash the robots. The music grows slow and somber as we return to the deck, where Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, the Federation Viceroys, discuss the Jedi. This music is tracked from Disc 1 Track 14 (1:00-1:14), and is the first unnecessary edit. There are many more. The action music returns with a brass flourish and timpani, and when Qui-Gon sticks his lightsaber into the blast doors we hear the first occurrence of Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme introduced in A New Hope. More drums and brass until the music settles down–Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have retreated and disappeared. This cue segues seamlessly to the next. An alternate, uncut version of this cue does exist.

Track 06 Queen Amidala Warns the Federation (2:23)
This track is filled mostly with ambient strings as the Neimoidians talk to the Queen through their communications screen. Flute and strings take the music onto the surface of Naboo, where the Queen loses connection with Senator Palpatine. More of the same–ambient strings–until the end of the track with a drum roll. This drum roll and the orchestral surge at the beginning of the next track have been mixed together. There is a clean version of this track’s end available at the end of Disc 2 Track 14.

07 The Droid Invasion (1:01)
This is an introduction to the Trade Federation March, a new theme composed for The Phantom Menace. We will hear it no less than two more times in the score. The cue is shortened and looped considerably from the original version in order to fit the “exact film order.” The complete track with a clean beginning and no edits is available on the TPM Computer Game. However, it is cut so that it is able to loop so it doesn’t have a clean ending. This track ends the first set of continuous music. Each bold subheading is a group of tracks that segue together without end.

Underwater Adventure

Track 08 Swimming to Otoh Gunga (0:57)
Omitted before this are two unused cues from the film–the first is an action cue for a cut scene. It is available on the original CD or on The Ultimate Lie website (see below). Next is also available on the original score CD. It is an arrangement of a new theme for a new character by the name of Jar Jar Binks–maybe you’ve heard of him :-). Anyway, if you want that it is available at the beginning of Track 4 on the original release. This track starts with a string flourish as Jar Jar dives into Lake Paonga to go to the hidden city. A female chorus sings as the Jedi and Jar Jar swim to Otoh Gunga. This is a motif we’ll hear several more times on the soundtrack. The female chorus section is completely shortened and the complete version is available on Track 4 of the Sony CD. This cue segues into the next.

Track 09 Inside the Bubble City (3:05)
More ambient string music as the Gungan ruler Boss Nass discusses Jar Jar’s fate and the Jedi’s situation. When the Jedi and Jar Jar prepare leave, a slightly less ominous string portion sounds. A trumpet solo is played, and part of it sounds like a portion of Luke Skywalker’s theme. The solo is played again without the Skywalker reference. It segues directly into…

Track 10 Attack of the Giant Fish (1:38)
The Bongo sub leaves the city of Otoh Gunga. The female choir motif is heard again. The wailing gets louder as the Opee Sea Killer attacks the sub. Brass and timpani play off of each other in this underwater action cue. The travelers are helpless until a Sando Aqua Monster eats the Opee–just in the nick of time. This cue has a clean ending.

Darth Sidious and the Passage Through the Planet Core

Track 11 Darth Sidious (1:05)
This track reprises the Emperor’s Theme, once again performed by a male chorus. This track segues directly back to the Underwater Sequence, and the female choir motif once again appears. This cue has a few small edits. The cue ends abruptly, but it’s a clean ending.

On to Naboo and the Rescue of the Queen

Track 12 The Giant Squid and the Attack on Theed (1:18)
The cue begins with the heroes in a pit of despair. A Colo Clawfish is attacking them. Timpani and string underscores the moment. They are once again saved by a Sando. The section from 00:19-00:20 is a looped section of the 00:18 portion. The attack on Theed begins with a recurrence of the Trade Federation march. The begin bar of the cue is looped several times before the cue really starts. This underscores a complete takeover and Nute Gunray’s arrival in Theed. It segues into…

Track 13 Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Rescue the Queen (2:09)
The beginning of this track is tracked with the very end of Disc 1 Track 9. A very regal horn motif is played as the Bongo cockpit opens. The inhabitants of the palace are marched down the steps as a woodwind motif plays. A small section of the music (1:20-1:25) has been looped (badly), taking out a small portion of music. A new action cue begins as the Jedi rescue the Queen and her party. The music tones down again, but a battle droid attacks and the action starts up again. This track segues into the next.

Track 14 Fighting the Guards (1:43)
The track begins with some frenzied strings as the Jedi and the Queen’s protectors decide what the best course of action is. A small portion at the beginning of the track is looped. From this point on in the track, the action is really differently mixed. The original cue (available on the original soundtrack, Track 12) has much more music.

Track 15 Escape from Naboo (2:04)
An interesting motif is used for this track, mostly glockenspiel and strings. It is used as the R2 Units try to repair the ship. This track is presented in its entirety. As the ship escapes, the motif dies down and segues into…

Track 16 Enter Darth Maul (1:08)
A brief brass fanfare leads directly into the Emperor’s Theme. The Sith Chant reappears here (see Disk 1 Track 4). Darth Sidious and Darth Maul appear to the Neimoidians in this scene. A small section is looped, and a similar brass flourish ends the track (it’s a clean ending).

Destination Tatooine, Home of Anakin Skywalker 

Track 17 Arrival at Tatooine (2:28)
This track begins with Jar Jar Binks’s theme as Jar Jar speaks with Padmé. A short motif, which I’ll call the “Arrival at Tatooine” motif, plays as they land. The rest of this track basically plays off of this motif. When they arrive in Mos Espa, drums come into play but it’s basically the same motif. A small portion of the Arrival music is cut out, and is available on the original CD. This segues right into the first of four source music cues on the set.

Track 18 Street Band of Mos Espa (1:17)
To those who are uninformed, source music is music played by some source on screen, be it a radio or a band. This is an odd percussion song with some sort of strummed instrument played as the tune. This is probably equalized (just like the Cantina songs from A New Hope) to give it an otherworldly feeling. This segues into…

Track 19 Padmé Meets Anakin (1:12)
This track begins with the first time we hear Anakin Skywalker’s theme. Anakin comes into Watto’s shop and speaks with Padmé as Qui-Gon bargains with Watto. Jar Jar plays around with various objects as his theme is reprised. At least a small portion of this track used to underscore Jar Jar’s playfulness is cut out. The very end of the seven-second cue is on the disc, but the rest is only available in MP3. It was available on the CD-ROM Star Wars Episode I Insider’s Guide. This segues into…

Track 20 Desert Winds (1:28)
Despite what Sony says, this cue appears in the final print of the film. While Qui-Gon is talking to Watto in the junkyard, this cue is in the background. Just like the other source cues, this is an odd mixture of percussion and other instruments: in this, woodwinds are the likely suspect. This music probably has been equalized (see Disc 1 Track 18)

Track 21 Jar Jar’s Run-In with Sebulba (1:18)
This is the first time we see the ornery Sebulba. Sebulba beats the crap out of Jar Jar in this scene ( ! ). A bassoon and woodblock play the beginning of the sequence, and Jar Jar looks to be in plenty of trouble. However, Anakin’s theme comes into play as Anakin shows up Sebulba. This segues into…

Track 22 Anakin’s Home and the Introduction to Threepio (2:42)
The beginning of this track scores a sandstorm as the group walks towards Anakin’s Hovel. It’s pretty much dissonance. A brass fanfare leads into some more enjoyable brass music as the group enters the abode. A quick, unexpected string motif pops up as C-3PO is turned on. Humorous woodwind underscores C-3PO’s meeting with R2-D2. This has a clean ending.

The Dark Forces Plot 

Track 23 Darth Sidious and Darth Maul (1:12)
Dissonant strings begin the track as Obi-Wan discusses the bugged transmission from Naboo with Qui-Gon. I dark trumpet fanfare brings the action over to Coruscant for another reiteration of the Emperor’s Theme. This underscores Darth Sidious deploying Darth Maul to Tatooine. Strings take us back to Tatooine. This has a clean ending.

Qui-Gon Bets on Anakin 

Track 24 Talk of Podracing (3:00)
This track begins with some soft string music to show the love Shmi has for her son Anakin during this dinner scene. Anakin’s theme plays as they discuss Anakin’s podracing ability. It is played in a more excited fashion as Shmi agrees to let Anakin race. Another clean ending.

Anakin Closes In On His Destiny 

Track 25 Watto’s Deal / Shmi and Qui-Gon Talk (2:24)
Synthesized music plays as Qui-Gon makes a deal with Watto. As the action heads back to the slave quarters’ courtyard, a string motif plays. While in the courtyard, we hear a rendition of Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme followed directly by the first iteration of Shmi Skywalker’s theme to end the track. This segues into the next track.

Track 26 Anakin, Podracer Mechanic (1:38)
This track begins with some light string work that underscores the crew working on the podracer. During the track, Anakin’s theme is heard. This track dies down right before…

Track 27 The Racer Roars to Life / Anakin’s Midi-Chlorian Count (1:24)
The part that is many people’s favorite part of the score is “The Racer Roars to Life.” It is a loud, emotional playing of Shmi Skywalker’s theme as Anakin Skywalker starts the engines on his podracer. It fades into an almost Mediterranean-sounding cue that underscores Qui-Gon’s testing of Anakin. Anakin’s theme is heard followed by very brief strains of the Force Theme. The strings build and fade into…

Track 28 Darth Maul and the Sith Spacecraft (1:00)
This is a mostly percussion track that features the Sith Chant. The percussion and chanting put together is widely believed to be Darth Maul’s Theme and is heard several more times in the film. Darth Maul deploys his probe droids into the city and the track ends with rogue percussion beats.

Track 29 Mos Espa Arena Band (0:53)
This is a very odd source track indeed. It sounds like an Irish jig played on some sort of woodwind instrument, but there is definitely some intangible not-of-this-world quality to the track. This track partially plays into the next track.

Track 30 Watto’s Roll of the Die (1:59)
This track begins with some tense strings as Watto bets with Qui-Gon. As the bet is made for Anakin’s freedom, playful music is performed. Very soon after, Anakin’s Theme is played and it segues right into a tracked portion of Disc 1 Track 20 with Sith Chant, which was used instead of the original Probe Droid music (found on track 11 at 1:23-1:38 on the original soundtrack album).

Track 31 The Flag Parade (1:14)
This track is a jubilous celebration of the podrace as the flags are marched out onto the track. The track consists of a brassy fanfare played repeatedly. This is edited massively–there is a loop in the middle and it is shortened–the full version is available on the Original Soundtrack on Track 7. It fades out and the next track begins.

Track 32 Sebulba’s Dirty Hand / Qui-Gon’s Pep Talk (1:38)
Hissing music is played as Sebulba and Anakin have a heated exchange. The music turns warm as Qui-Gon comes to help Anakin prepare for the race. Included in this track is Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme. This track is edited slightly and the full version is on Track 9 of the Original Score CD. Brassy fanfares harken the beginning of the race, and John Williams managed to turn Jabba the Hutt’s theme (which is in a minor key) from Return of the Jedi that was played only on tuba to a major trumpet fanfare for the scene in which Jabba is introduced. The fanfare dies and a drum roll continues as the race is about to begin. This is a clean ending.

Anakin’s Victory 

Track 33 Anakin Defeats Sebulba (2:18)
Cut to the final lap of the podrace–Sebulba and Anakin are neck and neck when his pod begins to fail and catch on fire. That is where the tense strings begin. Instead of the music originally composed for this scene (which is used on this CD on Disc 2 Track 26), there is the tracked music from Disc 1 Track 15–the repeating, militaristic Escape from Naboo motif. At 1:42 the music goes back to the correct cue. After more exciting and tense strings, the track comes to a clean ending.

The Cheering Crowd 

Track 34 Hail to the Winner, Anakin Skywalker (1:14)
Another widely requested cue, this is the brassy fanfare that plays as Anakin celebrates his victory. Afterwards is the music from the hangar, which begins with Anakin’s theme and hints of the Imperial March from The Empire Strike Back and Return of the Jedi first pop up here as the end to Anakin’s theme. More on this in the Concert Arrangements section.

Mos Espa Folk Song 

Track 35 The Street Singer (1:14)
The last of the four source cues, this is the most bizarre. I would say it is bongos, harmonica, and a male voice completely normalized (see Disc 1 Track 18) . You can hear this in the scene where Qui-Gon gets Watto to give up his part of the bargain.

DISC #2 (67:04)

To Coruscant and to Palpatine and the Senate 

Track 01 Anakin is Free (5:04)
This track starts out with the first time we hear Qui-Gon Jinn’s Theme. The first portion of Qui-Gon’s theme is looped once. This underscores Qui-Gon going back to Mos Espa to get Anakin. Soft strings play as Qui-Gon arrives at the Skywalker abode. A brave and valiant fanfare plays as Qui-Gon announces the news. Then, Anakin’s theme plays followed shortly by Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme. Shmi’s Theme plays as she gives permission to Anakin to leave. That is followed by excited strings as Anakin runs off. A very somber melody plays as Anakin realizes he’d have to leave his mom. A segment of Shmi’s theme is given a more elegant treatment on woodwind. More sentimental tones as Anakin says goodbye to Threepio. As Anakin is about to go away with Qui-Gon (indicated by the faster music), he turns around and says his final goodbyes to his mom. This piece is one of the most moving of the Star Wars saga. Those sad strings play again as they talk, and then there is a dramatic, sad rendition of Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme. This segues into…

Track 02 Qui-Gon and Darth Maul Meet (1:48)
This cue begins with a reiteration of Darth Maul’s theme along with Sith Chants. He hops on his Sith Speeder and goes to attack Qui-Gon. Fast strings (the beginning of which are looped) play as Qui-Gon and Anakin run from the danger the Jedi has sensed. Darth Maul attacks, and the whole lightsaber duel is underscored by a fast, valiant version of Qui-Gon’s Theme with a little bit of Luke Skywalker’s theme peppered in at the end. Once Qui-Gon is back on the ship, a softer version of the old Jedi’s theme plays, followed by Ben Kenobi’s Theme/The Force Theme. It leads directly into…

Track 03 Anakin and Group to Coruscant (4:11)
Dark ambient noise plays as Padmé watches Sio Bibble’s message in great sadness. She then notices Anakin and tries to comfort him in his loneliness. Anakin’s theme plays, and sweet strings segue right into a brassy fanfare for the arrival at the planet Coruscant. The brassy fanfare plays a few more times. As they arrive on the landing platform, a short section of the music is looped. This has a clean ending.

Palpatine’s Treachery 

Track 04 The Queen and Palpatine (0:43)
Dark strings play as Palpatine explains to the Queen what must be done in the Senate. The ending is clean.

Qui-Gon Goes Before Yoda 

Track 05 High Council Meeting (2:36)
Odd, synthesized choral voices sing as the mystical Jedi Council talks to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. As Qui-Gon describes the dark warrior, dark string bass music plays. When he decides to bring up another subject, Anakin, we hear half of Anakin’s theme a few times. A distinguished but dark series of strings plays as the Council tells Qui-Gon to bring Anakin to them. Finally, a short flourish brings the action over to the senate house. This has a clean ending.

War Clouds and an Alliance with Boss Nass and the Gungans 

Track 06 The Senate (1:12)
Ambient noise pretty much makes up this entire track, and I didn’t even know there was music in the senate until this release–the crowd noise completely covered it up. This music sort of reminds me of some of the music on the Death Star in A New Hope. Around the 1:00 mark is the horn music from the Obi-Wan Kenobi commercial that was once thought to be unused. This segues directly to…

Track 07 Anakin’s Test (3:42)
More ambient strings. It seems like most of the Coruscant music is ambient. Anakin’s Theme is present and is played several times before a version of the Force Theme appears. The music gets softer again as the action goes to Palpatine’s chambers. Amidala and Jar Jar discuss the fate of her people. The music gets faster and brighter as Palpatine announces his nomination for Chancellor and a quote of Anakin’s theme plays. We then segue back to the Jedi Council with a fanfare.

Track 08 Qui-Gon’s Mission / Obi-Wan’s Warning (3:48)
As the Jedi and Anakin meet with the Council, Anakin’s theme plays followed by a sad portion of Luke Skywalker’s theme as Anakin is told he won’t be trained. More ambient music followed by a surge of strings to underscore the talking between the characters. As they head off to leave the planet, Ben Kenobi’s Theme/the Force Theme plays. Anakin’s Theme plays as he learns about midichlorians. As the group leaves the planet, a trumpet fanfare plays. This segues directly into…

Track 09 Nute and Rune Confer with Darth Sidious (0:29)
A short playing of The Emperor’s Theme as Sidious gives orders to the Trade Federation viceroys. A clean ending of this track is available, but on the CD it segues to…

Track 10 The Queen and Group Land on Naboo (2:20)
Traveling music on strings is played as the group marches through the swamps. A small portion during the travel music is looped and you can hear an unlooped version on the original Sony CD, track 6. As the Queen confers with Boss Nass, a motif similar to the one we hear when the Jedi enter Otoh Gunga is heard. This segues directly to…

Track 11 Jar Jar Leads Group to the Gungans (2:26)
Odd jungle music is played by the flute when the Gungans look at the humans in wonder. Strings play as Amidala bows down to Nass. Tense strings play as Nass thinks over the offer, and he finally agrees. Bright, chipper strings play as everyone is relieved. Anakin’s theme is reiterated. This segues into…

Track 12 War Plans (2:31)
This track underscores the arrival of the Naboo troops. A bright string motif that resembles in some way “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is followed by some militaristic music that accompanies Amidala’s briefing. Pure ambience to the end of the track. A clean ending.

Prelude to War 

Track 13 Darth Sidious Receives News of the Gungan Army (0:25)
Strings and bells lead into this track, which accompanies Darth Sidious’s death warrant for the Gungans. A brief flourish segues right into…

Track 14 The Gungans March (0:57)
This is a percussive cue used as the Gungans ride their Kaadus into battle. Inserted into this version is the sound of the Gungan horn blown by a sentry. A small portion is edited out to better fit the scene. A clean version of this whole cue is found on the original CD, track 14, and an alternate version is available. Then, a piece tracked from the very end of Disc 1 Track 6 (except with a clean ending). The end of this cue originally was supposed to be the end of Disc 2, Track 13 but was cut out in the editing process.

The Great Battle Begins 

Track 15 The Queen and Her Group Sneak Back to the Palace (0:19)
Some low, tense strings as the group sneaks in. This track was originally supposed to be part of the beginning of Track 18. A surge in the music symbolizing a large laser blast ends the cue, going directly to…

Track 16 The Battle Begins (0:24)
A brass fanfare begins this track as the mangled AAT vehicle crashes to the ground. This is the original version of the cue used in Disc 2 Track 15. Also of note in this track is the first use of a new theme: the Duel of the Fates theme. It will be used much more when the lightsaber duel begins. The use of this portion was originally supposed to be used in the next scene of the film, except edited. This cue segues to…

Track 17 The Republic Pilots Take Off Into Space (1:26)
A drum roll followed by an adventurous “taking off motif.” The music in this track reminds me of an old western carriage chase. The Naboo Fighters go up to the droid control ship to stop the attacking robots. There are quite a few edited and looped sections here. At one point Luke Skywalker’s Theme plays. The Duel of the Fates motif appears here before more edited space action music. This has a clean ending.

The Battle Continues 

Track 18 Activate the Droids (0:44)
This track begins with a dark reiteration of the Trade Federation March as the Battle Droids are deployed. It is very militaristic. The track ends with a brief surge of brass.

Track 19 The Gungans Fight Back (0:24)
A short brass cue used as the Gungans throw their first round of weapons. Cut to the hangar, where the entire gang approaches the hangar door sans Anakin (who is told to stay in his ship). Drum rolls lead right into…

Track 20 The Duel Begins (0:51)
Horns blast the Duel of the Fates theme as Darth Maul reveals himself to the Jedi. This is the first scene where music is tracked from the concert arrangement of Duel of the Fates, cutting out already composed duel music. The Jedi battle the mysterious Sith Lord as the Queen and her group take the long way. This segues into…

Track 21 Anakin Takes Off In Spaceship (0:48)
The “taking off motif” makes another appearance here as Anakin blasts some droidekas to help the Queen and later is pulled into the space battle by the autopilot. This track is slightly edited and looped in several places.

Track 22 The Duel Continues (1:00)
Another minute of tracked music from the Duel of the Fates concert arrangement as the Jedi continue fighting Darth Maul.

Track 23 The Battle Rages On (1:59)
The cue ends with a fast repeating motif on horns as the droids fight with the Gungans. It is edited slightly. This segues to a reiteration of the Duel of the Fates theme as the space battle rages on. The same repeating motif continues as the droid battle and the Queen’s battle go on. As the Queen and her crew begin to fly up with their ascension guns, the track ends.

Track 24 Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul Continue Battle (1:22)
This is another tracked piece of the Duel of the Fates concert arrangement. Another piece is meant to go here and is available for download at this site. Clean Ending.

The War At Its Darkest 

Track 25 Qui-Gon, Darth Maul, and the Invisible Wall (0:14)
This track is the correct ending to the track that SHOULD HAVE gone in Disc 2 Track 24. Qui-Gon begins to meditate at an unbreakable wall. This segues into…

Track 26 The Gungans Retreat and the Queen Surrenders (2:18)
This entire cue was scored for the podrace. The original cue scored for this scene is unreleased. The track is edited and looped and the correct version can be heard on the original release on track 9. Anakin’s theme is heard as the Queen surrenders. Tense drums followed by a quote of the Duel of the Fates theme play as Anakin crash lands in the droid control ship and droids come after him. This segues to…

Track 27 The Death of Qui-Gon and the Surrender of the Gungans (2:29)
This track begins with Darth Maul’s theme as Maul plans to reenter battle. A screeching noise and the Sith Chants are played as Maul and Qui-Gon do battle. As Qui-Gon is stabbed by Darth Maul, a dramatic quote of the five-note motif from Duel of the Fates is played. This is edited and looped. As Maul taunts Obi-Wan, his drum theme is played (with the Sith Chants). During more action music at the end, the Duel of the Fates motif is repeated followed by Darth Maul’s theme. This is a clean ending.

Good Triumphs Over Evil 

Track 28 The Tide Turns / The Death of Darth Maul (3:24)
A really cool motif for the Force push plays as Obi-Wan is knocked down a pit to a certain death. Obi-Wan saves himself, but loses his lightsaber. Next comes a militaristic motif as Anakin prepares to escape the Federation ship after he accidentally destroys the reactor. The Force Theme is interlaced with the Duel of the Fates five-note motif, in one of the coolest cues in the whole movie. As the droids lose power, a small piece from the Tatooine is heard with the glockenspiel mixed out. Sharp strings bring us back to Obi-Wan’s situation. Obi-Wan finds a solution to his problem–his master’s lightsaber–and he pulls himself out of the pit and slashes Maul in half, all to the Force Theme. Falling horn notes play as Maul falls down to his death. Qui-Gon’s theme is played as Obi-Wan rushes to help his slain master. After promising to train Anakin, Obi-Wan watches his master die. Qui-Gon’s theme plays as we cut to Palpatine’s ship arriving on a Theed street.

The Wrap-Up

Track 29 The Queen Confronts Nute and Rune (1:48)
Soft strings play as the Queen tells the Federation viceroys that they will pay for their actions in the senate. A small portion of this cue is tracked into this part. Cut to a room in the palace where Obi-Wan talks to Yoda. During their conversation, Yoda’s Theme from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and the Imperial March play. This track segues to…

Track 30 The Funeral of Qui-Gon (1:18)
Sad strings lead us to a mournful, wailing chorus. The Force theme is used sparingly here, but this touching piece of music for Qui-Gon’s cremation basically runs without themes. This would have ended the film on a sad note, but the next track is a little happier.

Victory Parade 

Track 31 The Parade (1:24)
This has to be the single biggest travesty on the Ultimate Edition to me. Sony Classical went out of their way to make sure the whole rest of the CD fit exactly with the film, but this is the ALBUM VERSION of the parade. Anyway, this song is a happy little children’s choir singing a happy little tune–with a sick twist. It’s the Emperor’s theme in a major key, sped up considerably. This scene shows the parade that celebrates peace between the Gungans and the Naboo. This segues directly into…


Track 32 End Credits (8:15)
This version of the end credits begins with Luke Skywalker’s theme and then slowly segues into the concert arrangements of Duel of the Fates and Anakin Skywalker’s Theme. Once again, the end credits don’t match the film–the Duel of the Fates portion was edited slightly on the final print of the film. Sony–if you’re going one way the whole CD, don’t go another in the end. Anakin’s theme is a bittersweet motif that ends with a short quote of the Imperial March. In the film you can hear Darth Vader’s breath over the end credits.

Track 33 Duel of the Fates (Dialogue Version) (4:21) – BONUS TRACK
This track is the music video edit of the Duel of the Fates concert arrangement with character dialogue and sound effects.

All in all, I give this CD a B-. I feel the edits don’t take away much from the musical presentation, but the album version of Augie’s Band brings down the grade. While it’s obvious that I enjoy this CD greatly, please take the time to sign the petition* for the unedited, unlooped, and unreleased music that Sony got our hopes up for in the advertising. I, for one, wouldn’t mind more music from this score :-)

— Mike Troxell