MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA (2008) – Complete Cue List

By Joe Brausam (original post)

It is interesting to note that most of the tracks are completely intact, we weren’t plagued with micro edits, the only ones that happened are during repetitive sections, such as the percussion soli in Becoming a Geisha.

OST/Full Score Comparison

1. “Sayuri’s Theme” – 1M2 New (The Story)
2. “The Journey to the Hanamachi” – Unknown
3. “Going to School” – 1M7 New Off to School (added percussion)
4. “Brush on Silk” – 0:00-0:14 2M2A New Teasing, 0:14-0:25 2M2B New, 0:26-End 2M2C New
5. “Chiyo’s Prayer” – 3M4 Chiyo’s Prayer
6. “Becoming a Geisha” – 4M2 Mameha’s Instruction (micro edit for about 6 bars of the percussion soli)
7. “Finding Satsu” – Unknown
8. “The Chairman’s Waltz” – Chairman’s Waltz (Full Version) recording bars 29- 32 do not match music, bars 79-114 cut.
9. “The Roooftops of the Hanamachi” – 3M1new On the Roof, this one was tough to follow, not sure at this time whether it includes 3m1new insert as well.
10.”The Garden Meeting” – Unknown
11. “Dr. Crab’s Prize” – wild shakuhachi? 6m3 alt
12.”Destiny’s Path” – 7m7 We Have No Choice (possibly some micro edits)
13. “A New Name… A New Life” – 4m3 A New Name… A New Life
14. “The Fire Scene and The Coming of War” – 0:00-3:21 6m4 The Fire Scene, 3:21- end 6m5a The War Comes
15. “Confluence” – 9m3 New Coming Together
16. “A Dream Discarded” – 8m1c (rev) The Handkerchief Scene
17. “Sayuri’s Theme and End Credits” – Sayuri’s Theme

A Dream Discarded has 3 earlier versions, one has a slightly different solo line for the cello, the other two are wood flute solos instead of cello, playing basically the same solo lines.
The Confluence alternates are fairly major, the two alternate versions are similar to each other, but quite different from the track heard on the album. Different melodic lines and all.
Tracks that I say unknown on are because I haven’t identified them yet, but I will keep working on them, hopefully I’ll figure them out. Otherwise that’s the gist of it. Like I said, many of the tracks on the OST are complete without edits, which is nice.

Cue List/OST

01 1M1 Alt The Opening
02 1M2A The Story
03 1M2A Rev The Story
04 1M2A New – OST TRACK 1
05 1M3 Atmospheres
06 1M5 Where’s My Sister? (Flute Version)
07 1M5 Alt Where’s My Sister?
08 1M5A The Roofs of Hanachi
09 1M6 In Hatsumomo’s Room
10 1M7 Off to School
11 1M7 New Off to School – OST TRACK 3
12 2M2 Staining the Kimono
13 2M2 New A Teasing – OST TRACK 4 0:00- 0:14
14 2M2B Approaching Mametta
15 2M2 B New – OST TRACK 4 0:14 – 0:25
16 2M2 C New – OST TRACK 4 0:26 – END
17 2M4 A House Called Tatsuyo
18 2M7 Finding Tatsu
19 3M1 On the Roof
20 3M1 New On the Roof – OST TRACK 9
21 3M1 New Insert
22 3M2 Letters From Home
23 3M3 The Chairman’s Waltz
24 3M3X The Chairman’s Waltz (Longer Version)
25 3M4 Chio’s Prayer – OST TRACK 5
26 3M5 Enter Mamao
27 4M1 A Fresh Start
28 4M2 Mameha’s Instruction – OST TRACK 6 micro edit in percussion soli
29 4M3 A New Name…A New Life – 0ST TRACK 13
30 4M6 Trip to the Sumo Match
31 5M1 Hatching Plans
32 5M3A The Doctor Won’t See You
33 5M4 Do You Like Someone Else
34 5M8 The Cherry Garden
35 5M9 Discussing Nobu
36 6M1 Alt
37 6M2 Celebrate This Moment
38 6M3 Alt – OST TRACK 11
39 6M4 The Fire Scene – OST TRACK 14 0:00 – 3:21
40 6M5A The War Comes – OST TRACK 14 3:21 – END
41 6M5B After the War
42 6M5B After the War (Violin and Cello Version)
43 7M1A
44 7M5 Preparing for the Reunion
45 7M7 Beg Nobu’s Plea
46 7M7 We Have No Choice – OST TRACK 12
47 8M1 The Hankerchief Scene (Flute Version)
48 8M1 Rev The Handkerchief Scene
49 8M1C Hankerchief Scene
50 8M1C Revised The Hankerchief Scene – OST TRACK 16
51 8M2 Entering the Garden (Flute Version)
52 8M2 C Entering the Garden (Cello Version)
53 8M3 Confluence
53 8M3 Rev Confluence
54 8M3 New Coming Together – OST TRACK 15
55 8M4 The Chairman’s Waltz
56 Brush on Silk
57 Chairman’s Waltz (Full Version) – OST TRACK 8 
58 Chairman’s Waltz (Violin Variations)
59 Sayuri’s Theme – OST TRACK 17
60 Theme