JAWS 2 (1978) – Complete Cue List

By Mark Olivarez (original post)

This should be the order the cues would be if the entire thing was in film order, I’ve also included spots were unreleased music goes. I’ve done this from memory without watching the film so if I’m wrong I apologize.

01. Finding the Orca (Alternate music appears in film at 1:13 to 1:34 of the cue)

02. (Unreleased music – Jaws theme as shark enters Amity Harbor)

03. Catamaran Race (A) First :51 sec of cue (Film contains a few seconds of unreleased music)

04. The Water Kite Sequence (A) First 1:39 of cue

05. Attack On The Water Skier (A) First 1:28 of cue

06. Fire On Board & Eddie’s Death (B) :42 to 1:18 of cue for attack on water skier boat

07. Toward Cable Junction (B) 1:27 to 3:48 of cue as deputy drags up power lines while looking for water skier remains

08. (Unreleased music as Brody finds burnt remains of boat driver)

09. The Menu

10. Brody Misunderstood

11. (Unreleased snippet of Jaws theme as Brody has Diver’s film developed to reveal outline of shark)

12. The Catamaran Race (B) :52 to 2:11

13. Ballet For Divers

14. Fire On Board & Eddie’s Death (A) First :41 of cue (film version may be alternate version) for Shark pursuing catamarans

15. Fire On Board & Eddie’s Death ( C) 1:19 to 3:27 of cue for Eddie’s death.

16. The Open Sea

17. Attack On The Water Skier (B) 1:28 to 2:45 of cue for shark attack on the catamarans

18. The Water Kite Sequence (B) 1:40 to 2:55 of cue as Brody’s older son is pulled from the water just before shark attacks him

19. (unreleased music goes here as one catamaran goes for help)

20. Attack On The Helicopter

21. Sean’s Rescue

22. Toward Cable Junction (A) First 1:26 of cue as Catamarans approach cable junction and get stuck in shallows

23. The Big Jolt! (Unreleased Music goes in between 3:30 to 3:31 mark of cue)

24. End Title & End Cast