JAWS (1975) – Complete Cue List

By Jason LeBlanc (original post)

JAWS complete cue list and where you can find the cues on the Decca CD:

1 1m1 Jaws Titles – 1. Main Title and First Victim [0:00-0:55] (0:55)
2 1m3 The First Victim – 1. Main Title and First Victim [0:58-2:34] (1:38)
3 1m5 Remains On The Beach – 1. Main Title and First Victim [2:34-end] (0:54)
4 1m6s Typewriter Chord – Unreleased (possibly never recorded)
5 2m2 The Empty Raft – 2. The Empty Raft (1:23)
6 3m1 The Pier Incident – 3. The Pier Incident (2:23)
7 4m1r Alternate Version – 8. Father And Son [0:00-1:51] (1:51)
8 5m1 The Alimentary Canal – 8. Father And Son [1:51-end] (1:50)
9 5m2/6m0 Ben Gardner’s Boat – 6. Ben Gardner’s Boat (3:31)
10 6m1 The Montage – 7. Montage (1:31)
11 7m1 Into The Estuary – 9. Into The Estuary (2:50)
12 8m2 Out To Sea – 10. Out To Sea [0:00-0:52] (0:53)
13 8m3/9m0 A Tug On The Line – 10. Out To Sea [0:52-end] (2:05)
14 9m1/10m0 Man Against Beast – 11. Man Against Beast (5:33)
15 “Quint’s Tale” – 12. Quint’s Tale (2:40)
16 11m3 Brody Panics – 13. Brody Panics (1:10)
17 11m4 Barrel Off Starboard – 14. Barrel Off Starboard (1:30)
18 11m5/12m0 The Great Chase – 15. The Great Shark Chase [0:31-end] (2:57)
19 12m1 Three Barrels Under – 16. Three Barrels Under (2:05)
20 12m4 From Bad To Worse – 17. Between Attacks [0:00-0:56] (0:56)
21 12m4Rev Quint Thinks It Over – 17. Between Attacks [0:56-end] (1:09)
22 13m1 Work Montage – 4. The Shark Cage Fugue (1:59)
23 13m2 The Shark Approaches – 18. The Shark Approaches [0:00-0:40] (0:40)
24 13m3 The Shark Hits The Cage – 18. The Shark Approaches [0:40-end] (1:59)
25 14m1 Quint Meets His End – 5. Shark Attack (1:17)
26 14m2 Blown To Bits – 19. Blown To Bits (3:03)
27 14m3 End Titles – 20. End Titles (1:52)

28 11m5/12m0 Alternate Intro – 15. The Great Shark Chase [0:00-0:31] (0:31)

Some notes:

1. 1m6s Typewriter Chord is the only cue not included on the Decca CD. It is a single chord meant to play when Brody types “SHARK” into the “Cause Of Death” line on the typewriter. Since it wasn’t used in the film, it might have never even been recorded.

2. We don’t technically know that the cue title for the original version of 4m1 is “Father And Son“, but we can assume so based on that name being used for the Decca and the McNeely. I also don’t know how far Williams got with writing the original version – the Alternate Version was used in the film, on the Decca CD, and the McNeely CD. The original version might have never been recorded, or never even finished.

3. We don’t technically know what the correct slate number or cue title is for the cue known as “Quint’s Tale” or “The Indianapolis Story”, but we can presume the title is “Quint’s Tale” because that title is used on the Decca CD and the McNeely CD.

4. The original opening to 11m5/12m0 The Great Chase was unused in the film and rewritten, and the new opening is the familiar version we know from the film, the original LP, and the McNeely recording. The Decca CD track 15 features the revised opening immediately followed by the original opening and the rest of the cue

5. All three Jaws CDs are not in chronological order! The original LP was a typical Williams OST arrangement; The McNeely re-recorded moved “A Tug On The Line” to the wrong spot, and the Decca CD featured some re-sequencing done by Williams for a better listening experience

I really hope Intrada or another label is able to re-release this as a 2 disc set, with the full film scores – in order this time – on disc 1 and the original LP re-recording on Disc 2 – both completely remastered. That would be terrific!