E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982) – Complete Cue List

1M1 The Forest (Alternate Beginning)
1M1 The Forest (Revised)
1M2 Keyes Arrives (New Ending)
1M2A The Final Solution
2M2 Looking for E.T.
2M3 The First Meeting (Alternate Beginning)
2M3 The First Meeting
3M1 Into the House
3M2 Meeting E.T.
3M3 E.T. and Elliot
4M1 In the Closet
4M2 E.T.’s Magic
5M1 Mary Seaches the Closet
5M2 E.T. Raids the Icebox
5M5 E.T. Gets and Idea
Quiet Man Fix
5M6 The Quiet Man
6M2 Levitation
6M3 Bed Time Stories
7M1 Halloween
7M2‐8M1 E.T.’s Machine
8M2 Michael’s Search (new Intro)
8M2 Michael’s Search
9M1 Keyes Enters the House
9M2 Stay With Me (new intro)
9M2 Stay With Me
10M1 He Came to Me
10M2 E.T. Phones Home
11M1 The Rescue (extension)
11M1 The Rescue
11M3 The Bike Chase
11M4‐12M1 The Departure
11M4‐12M1 The Departure (sweetener bars 79‐82)
11M4‐12M1 The Departure (Steven’s fix)
The Flying Theme
E.T. and Me (E.T. and Elliot)
Halloween (album version)
The Arrival of Keyes (album version)
Insert Β for Concert Piece (m 349‐358)
The Departure (insert A & Β) – for concert version (new bars 312-320 & 321-329)
(untitled section) – for concert version (new bars 121-150, 200-231)

(Compiled by ‘filmmusic’)