A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (2001) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by John Neufeld, Conrad Pope (uncredited)

1mA Cryogenics
1m1A Cryogenics (Alternate)
1m2 Henry Is Selected
1m3/4 David’s Arrival
1m3/4 David’s Arrival (Alternate)
1m5 Of Course I’m Not Sure
1m6 Hide And Seek
1m7 David Studies Monica
2m1 New Insert
2m1 Reading The Words
2m1 Reading The Words (New Ending)
2m3 Wearing Perfume
2m4 Martin Is Alive
2m5 David And Martin
3m1 Canoeing With Pinocchio
3m1 Canoeing With Pinocchio (Alternate)
3m1 David And The Spinach
3m3 The Operating Scene
3m4 The Scissor Scene
3m5 The Pool Rescue
3m6 Monica’s Plan
3m7 Abandoned In The Woods
3m7 Abandoned In The Woods (Alternate)
4m1A I Only Have Eyes For You (Vocal overdub)
4m5 The Moon Rising
4m6 The Biker Hounds (Extension)
4m7 The Biker Hounds
5m3 Remembering David Hobby
5m5 The Journey to Rogue City
5m6A Immaculate Heart
5m7/7A Inside Dr. Know’s
5m8 To Manhattan
6m3 To Manhattan (The Mecha World)
6m4 The Reading Room
6m5 The Replicas
6m5 Replicas (Alternate)
6m6 Floating Downwards
7m1/2 Finding The Blue Fairy
7m1/2 Finding The Blue Fairy (Vocal Version)
7m2 Finding the Blue Fairy (Alternate)
7m2 Finding the Blue Fairy (Orchestral Excerpt)
7m3 Journey Through The Ice (Version 1)
7m3 Journey Through The Ice (Version 2)
7m4 Stored Memories
7m5 What Is Your Wish?
7m5 What Is Your Wish? (Alternate)
8m1 The Specialist Visits
8m2 The Reunion
8m2 The Reunion (Alternate)
8m3 End Credits (Where Dreams Are Born)
Opening End Credits
Vocal and Credits
Theme #2 CD version


Complete Cue List by ‘GoodMusician’ (original post) (Outdated)

01) 1ma Cybertronics — Album Track 6
02) The Arrival of David — Promo Disk 2 Track 3
03) A Few Simple Procedures — Promo Disk 3 Track 4
04) Hide and Seek — Promo Disk 1 Track 3 (Has Complete Track)
05) 2m1 Reading the Words — Promo Disk 2 Track 6
06) Perfume/ Will You Die?/ Teddy — Promo Disk 1 Track 8
07) Martin Returns — Promo Disk 2 Track 5
08) A Bird — Promo Disk 2 Track 8
09) Reading Stories — Promo Disk 2 Track 9
10) Does he Eat?– Promo Disk 2 Track 10
11) A Haircut — Promo Disk 2 Track 12
12) The Pool Sequence — Promo Disk 2 Track 13
13) A Drive — Promo Disk 2 Track 14
14) I Have to Leave you Here — Unreleased
15) Abandoned in the Woods (Film) — Album Track 10 [0:00-1:58]
16) The Moon Rising — Promo Disk 1 Track 10 [0:00-3:20] Clean Ending on Album Track 7 [4:20-End]
17) Shake Down, Shabby Town — Promo Disk 1 Track 10 [3:20-4:08]
18) Capturing Meca — Promo Disk 1 Track 10 [4:08-End]
19) We Found Him– Promo Disk 2 Track 15
20) Joe’s Expertise — Promo Disk 2 Track 16
21) All Roads Lead to Rouge — Unreleased
22) To Rouge City — Intro On Album Track 10 [1:58-2:01] Rest on Promo Disk 1 Track 5 [2:00-End]
23) Rouge City (Source) — Joseph Williams Unreleased
24) Dr Know (Source) — Unreleased
25) Come Away of Human Child (Unused) — Promo Disk 2 Track 17
26) Neither Flesh Nor Blood– Promo Disk 2 Track 11
27) This is Not A Toy — Unreleased (Possibly Joseph Williams Source)
28) The Mecha World– Promo Disk 1 Track 1 [0:00-5:11]
29) Lets Be Friends — Opening Unreleased/ Promo Disk 1 Track 1 [5:11-End]
30) Replicas — Album Track 3
31) Search for the Blue Fairy (Album) — Album Track 11
32) City Under Ice — Album Track 8 [0:00-4:36]
33) Stored Memories — Promo Disk 1 Track 6
34) The Blue Fairy — Promo Disk 1 Track 4 [4:36-End]
35) David and the Supermeca — Promo Disk 2 Track 18
36) The Reunion (Film) – Album Track 12
37) End Credits — Album Track 9

38) For Always (Solo) — Album Track 5
39) Martin Returns (Film Version Ending) – Promo Disk 2 Track 17
40) Abandoned in the Woods (Album) — Album Track 2
41) City Music (Source) — Joseph Williams Unreleased
42) Search for the Blue Fairy (Film) — Promo Disk 1 Track 7 [0:00-2:44]/Unreleased
43) The Reunion (Alternate) — Promo Disk 1 Track 11
44) For Always (Duet) — Album Track 13

The Other Source Cues Are:

01) Sleeping Beauty Walts
02) I Only Have Eyes For You
03) Guys And Dolls
04) What About Us?
05) Cheeck to Cheek
06) City Source
07) Rouge City Source 1
08) Rouge City Source 2

I also think that “Shake Down Shabby Town,” and “This is not a toy” are source cues by Joseph Williams. But since they are used in place of the score, and used in the score (not to mention one is on both the album and the promo) I think they warrent inclusion as actual ‘score’ music tracks.

I’m also unsure if the Rosenkavalier Waltz segment in “To Rouge City” was actually arranged by Williams to be played over his music, or if it was a prior recording layered… or if it was a recorded at the same time… so that’s another possible source cue.

#)”Arrival of David (Film)” is on the Promo. It was shortened slightly and had the next cue layered over the last piano note (very common practice) in the film version…

#) On the JWfan track list, there is a track called “Intro to” which is really the end of “A Few Simple Procedures”

#)”A New Life- Teddy the SUpertoy” is also completely on the promo… the only difference being in the film they edited it to extend certain notes.

#) “The Arrival of Martin” as heard in the film is a combination of “A Tough Decision” and the alternate “Martin Returns (Film Version Ending)” Ending.

#)The opening to “A Haircut” has a piano ditty tracked over it so it sounds different.

#) “Abandoned in the Woods (Film)” is Rouge City on the album… minus the rouge city portion.

#)”Neither Flesh Nor Blood” is not used, instead other music is tracked in including “Capturing Mecha”

Truly, the only unreleased music is the Joseph Williams source, a few short cues like ” I have to Leave you Here” and the film version of “Search for the Blue Fairy” which has slightly different orchestratsions and where the voice humms instead of sings.