By ‘Datameister’ (original post)

Potter Logo Version 1 – 0:45
Poter Logo Lead-In Version 2 – 0:37
1M1 The Prologue
1M3 The Friendly Reptile – 2:50
1M4 Don’t Burn My Letter – 1:56
1M5 Mail Delivery – 1:34
2M1 The Beach and the Arrival of Hagrid – 1:20
2M2 You’re a Wizard, Harry – 3:29
2M3 The Wizard’s Pub
2M4 Diagon Alley – 4:19
2M5 Harry Gets His Wand – 2:02
3M1 Hagrid’s Flashback – 2:39
3M2 Platform Nine and Three Quarters – 2:18
3M3 Escaping Frog – 0:44
3M4 Arrival at Hogwarts – 1:57
3M5 Entry Into the Great Hall – 1:48
3M6 House Selection – 3:20
4M1 The Banquet – 3:45
4M2 Lonely First Night – 0:52
4M3 Mail Drop – 1:20
4M4 Mr. Longbottom Flies – 3:19
4M5 The Moving Stairs – 1:42
4M6 (Rev.) It’s Guarding Something – 0:28
4M7 Introduction to Quidditch – 1:29
5M1 Hermione’s Feather – 0:34
5M1X Troll in the Dungeon – 0:13
5M2 Fighting the Troll – 3:22
5M3 Nimbus 2000 – 1:12
5M4 (Pt I) Let the Games Begin – 1:42
5M4 (Pt II) The Scoring Begins – 1:32
5M4 (Pt III) Slytherin Scores – 2:22
5M4 (Pt IV) Harry’s Great Victory – 2:17
6M1 Hagrid’s Christmas Tree – 1:34
6M1A Christmas Music Box
6M1A Alt. Cast a Christmas Spell
6M2 Christmas Morning 1:59
6M2A The Library Scene – 5:15
6M3 Dumbledore’s Advice – 2:19
6M4 Owl’s Flight – 1:13
6M4 Alt. Hedwig’s Time Transition – 1:13
6M5 (rev) Hermione’s Reading – 1:06
6M6 The Norwegian Ridgeback – 1:33
7M1 Filch’s Fond Remembrance – 1:06
7M2 The Blue Forest – 5:01
7M3 Three Note Loop – 3:39
7M3A Hagrid Plays the Flute
7M4 Running to McGonagall – 2:02
[7M5 and 7M6 should be the cue when the three friends sneak out and stupefy Neville, and “Fluffy’s Harp”, respectively]
7M7 In the Vinesnakes – 2:13
7M8 The Flying Keys – 1:52
8M1 The Chess Board – 2:38
8M2 The Game Begins – 2:58
8M3 Checkmate – 2:02
8M4 The Mirror Scene – 5:50
8M5 Love, Harry
9M1 Gryffindor Wins
9M2 Leaving Hogwarts – 2:07
End Credits Pt. 1 – 5:30

Diagon Alley (Children’s Suite)
Family Portrait (Children’s Suite)
Hedwig Tries a Cookie – 
Hedwig’s Theme (Children’s Suite)
Hedwig’s THeme (with inserts) – 
Hogwarts Forever (Children’s Suite)
Nimbus 2000 (Children’s Suite)
Quidditch (Children’s Suite) – 1:57
Voldemort (Children’s Suite) – 2:00

Total 132:17


By ‘GoodMusician’ (original post with additional information)

Potter Logo Version 1 – [00:17]
This heard in one of the trailers for i think it’s film 6. It’s the celeste playing the usual harry potter theme slowly and strings coming in at the end and fading out playing a low chord. Listed as “1m2”

Poter Logo Lead-In Version 2 – [00:18]
This is the version heard in the film. Listed as “1m2a”

1M1 The Prologue – [04:15]
This i keep reading is listed as 1m1 but is chronologically after 1m2. They must have changed their minds on something. The album presents this with the center section edited out and instead something that is known as “Hedwig tries a cookie” according to that PDF. I’m gonna argue that the PDF writer misread it or thought williams had misspelled something. The other name for this cue is “Coke Ad 60s” which stands for “60 second coke ad.” If my guess is correct, it SHOULD be “Hedwig tries a Coke-ey” which i’m guessing is slang for the drink in the UK (although i know plenty of people here who say things that way all the time ” Chickey” for Chik-Fil-A, Cokey, for Coke, swipey for swiping your card, etc ) and that williams wrote it “cokie” and the PDF author misread it as “cookie” or assumed williams had misspelled the word.

1M3 The Friendly Reptile – [02:59]
1M4 Don’t Burn My Letter – [02:04]
1M5 Mail Delivery – [01:39]
2M1 The Beach and the Arrival of Hagrid – [01:22]
2M2 You’re a Wizard, Harry – [3:29]
The film ending to this must have been tacked on late in the game as it seems to be missing. In the film, interestingly, it fades from being a 5.1 musical mix to simply a stereo music mix at this point which leads me to believe it was a late recording added on that never got properly edited or mixed. (although the PDF does list it as the correct time length so i dunno)

2M3 The Wizard’s Pub – [01:19]
Really interesting and weird source. sometimes i wonder how williams goes about these, if he doesn’t just come up with a sound and follow it through somehow lol

2M4 Diagon Alley – [4:36]
The actual Diagon Alley part is SOO amazingly fast in this! They also apparently had trouble recording the mid section when they have the solo violin come in (when we see the animals on display) as they seemingly had to record it several times to get the pacing right through the segment. It looks to also have gone to a longer cut of the film. The film version of this cue utilizes “Entry into the Great Hall” instead.

2M5 Harry Gets His Wand – [02:04]
3M1 Hagrid’s Flashback – [02:52]
3M2 Platform Nine and Three Quarters – [02:38]
3M3 Escaping Frog – [00:49]
3M4 Arrival at Hogwarts – [02:04]
3M5 Entry Into the Great Hall – [01:57]
3M6 House Selection – [03:28]
4M1 The Banquet – [03:40]
4M2 Lonely First Night – [01:05]
4M3 Mail Drop – [01:32]
4M4 Mr. Longbottom Flies – [03:32]
4M5 The Moving Stairs – [01:57]

4M6 (Rev.) It’s Guarding Something – [00:34]
This cue is tracked into where Neville is petrified. It doesn’t come in until they group begins to leave apologizing. The opening of neville being petrified i still haven’t figured out.

4M7 Introduction to Quidditch – [01:30]
5M1 Hermione’s Feather – [00:40]
5M1X Troll in the Dungeon – [00:22]
5M2 Fighting the Troll – [03:45]
5M3 Nimbus 2000 – [01:13]

5M4 (Pt I) Let the Games Begin – [02:12]
5M4 (Pt II) The Scoring Begins – [01:37]
5M4 (Pt III) Slytherin Scores – [02:26]
5M4 (Pt IV) Harry’s Great Victory – [02:24]

6M1 Hagrid’s Christmas Tree – [00:55]
6M1A Christmas music Box – [01:16]
6M1A Alt. Cast a Christmas Spell – [1:20]
6M2 Christmas Morning [02:08]
6M2A The Library Scene – [05:16]
6M3 Dumbledore’s Advice – [02:28]

6M4 Owl’s Flight – [01:07]
This cue is unused and is relatively sparse. It begins with a bell tree “tolling” along with the oboe and a quiet string chord. Harmonous winds come in as we see Hedwig begin to move his wings. The celeste plays as Hedwig begins to fly, eventually opening up with the entire orchestra and finishing in a increasingly quiet scale to the top with a chime at the end. The alternate is MUCH better.
6M4 Alt. Hedwig’s Time Transition – [01:10]
This is the film version of this sequence although the film actually cuts a shot between the pan down revealing the change of season at Hogwarts to then cut to inside the library.

6M5 (rev) Hermione’s Reading – [01:06]
6M6 The Norwegian Ridgeback – [01:37]
7M1 Filch’s Fond Remembrance – [01:30]
7M2 The Blue Forest – [05:14]
7M3 Three Note Loop – [03:37]
7M3A Hagrid Plays the Flute – [00:41]
7M4 Running to McGonagall – [02:12]

7m5? – [00:38]
I had thought this would be when Neville is stupified BUT the problem is it appears to be sourced. I still can’t find the opening which makes me think maybe it is for this scene, but that they sourced in alternate music. Either way, the “real” 7m5 has never been revealed.
7m6 Fluffy’s Harp – [02:29]
This is nearly identical to the album except that it lacks the other instruments. Simple enough.

7M7 In the Vinesnakes – [02:28]
7M8 The Flying Keys – [01:57]
8M1 The Chess Board – [01:58]
8M2 The Game Begins – [03:46
8M3 Checkmate – [01:58]
8M4 The Mirror Scene – [06:11]
8M5 Love, Harry – [01:41]
9M1 Gryffindor Wins – [02:38]
9M2 Leaving Hogwarts – [02:14]
End Credits Pt. 1 – [05:25]
Harry’s Wonderous World on the album.

Diagon Alley (Children’s Suite) – [02:50]
SO much slower than the actual cue but still a great cue. Only partially presented on the album edited into actual score. Based on the actual cue though pretty closely until the second half.

Family Portrait (Children’s Suite) – [3:22]
Much faster opening tempo than usually done in concerts.

Fluffy’s Harp – [02:40]
Album Version

Hedwig’s Theme (Children’s Suite) – [02:12]
“Prologue” on Album

Hedwig’s Theme (with inserts) – [05:03]
Album Version

Hogwarts Forever (Children’s Suite) – [01:53]
Partially presented on the album edited into film cues.

Nimbus 2000 (Children’s Suite) – [02:25]
A very unique arrangement of all wind instruments covering the theme quizzically.

Quidditch (Children’s Suite) – [01:47]
The Quidditch theme with a great opening on trumpet heard in the concerts.

Voldemort (Children’s Suite) – [02:18]
Another wind arrangement of a theme.

Hedwig Tries a Cookie – [01:02]
This cue is known as “Coke Ad 60s” meaning “60 second Coke Ad.” The title “Hedwig tries a Cookie” i believe is a misrepresentation of what williams had written which may have simply been “Hedwig tries a Coke-ey” but spelled “Cokie” as Williams has a thing for spelling words with “ie” instead of “y”