THE TERMINAL (2004) – Album in Chronological Order


By Jason LeBlanc

Its really easy to make yourself a chronological album. Even the most novice WAV editors should be able to do it and have it sound good. A chronological album should look like this (keeping the unknown music where it is and placing the concert arrangements and source music where they play best):


01. The Tale of Viktor Navorski 4:12 CD Track 01
02. Krakozhia National Anthem 0:44 CD Track 09a (0:00-0:44)
03. Refusing to Escape 3:01 CD Track 08
04. Finding Coins 2:37 CD Track 12b (1:24-end)
05. Learning to Read 1:25 CD Track 12a (0:00-1:24)
06. Officer Torres 3:50 CD Track 06a (0:00-3:50)
07. Looking for Work (Alternate) 3:17 CD Track 10
08. A Legend is Born 3:16 CD Track 03
09. Dinner with Amelia 8:02 CD Track 02
10. The Wedding of Officer Torres 1:11 CD Track 06b (3:50-end)
11. The Fountain Scene (Alternate) 5:33 CD Track 05
12. Goodbye Amelia 0:57 CD Track 09b (0:44-end)
13. Gupta’s Deliverance 3:18 CD Track 11
14. Viktor & His Friends 4:43 CD Track 04
15. Jazz Autographs 3:45 CD Track 07
16. Finale & End Credits (Part 1) 5:05 CD Track 13
17. End Credits (Part 2) 2:47 CD Track 14

If you don’t want to edit tracks and just want a mostly chronological album, do this:

RECOMMENDED CD LISTENING ORDER: 1 – 8 – 12 – 10 – 3 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 9 – 11 – 4 – 7 – 13 – 14


Track 01 – The Tale of Viktor Navorski 4:12

A concert arrangement of Viktor’s Theme.

Track 02 – Dinner with Amelia 8:02

Covers the entire dinner scene. Contains the Love Theme.

Track 03 – A Legend is Born 3:16

[0:00-2:00] The workers of the airport terminal pass around copies of Viktor’s photocopied hand. Viktor’s Theme is used.
[2:00-end] I don’t know what this music is, but it could be “Preparing for Dinner”… except that its 20 seconds shorter. Perhaps the scene was lengthened after Williams scored it so they just repeated portions of the middle of the cue to pad it out? That’s what it sounds like to me anyway, but I’m not completely sure yet. Regardless, its just Viktor’s Theme again.

Track 04 – Viktor And His Friends 4:43

[0:00-1:20] After seeing Gupta’s sacrifice, Viktor marches to the front door as the terminal workers follow.
[1:20-end] Vike walks through the front door into New York. The Love Theme is heard as he sees Amelia outside, then Viktor’s Theme is used as he gets in the cab and Dixon runs outside.

Track 05 – The Fountain Scene 5:33

Just like the title says. Covers Viktor’s unvailing of his home made fountain and his and Amelia’s entire conversation about his Planter’s can. The first 2:40 of the cue on the album is identical to the film version. The last minute or so is also the same. It looks like Spielberg asked Williams to rescore the middle after the OST had already been constructed. The Love Theme is used.

Track 06 – The Wedding of Officer Torres 5:01

[0:00-3:50] Viktor talks to Officer Torres to help out Enrique.
[3:50-end] The wedding of Torres and Enrique.

Track 07 – Jazz Autographs 3:45

A concert arrangement containing the Love Theme.

Track 08 – Refusing to Escape 3:01

Dixon gives Viktor a 5 minute window to escape through the front door. After realizing he is on the security cameras, he chooses not to escape and tells Dixon “I wait!” as his theme plays.

Track 09 – Krakozhia National Anthem & Homesickness 1:49

[0:00-0:44] The Krakozhia National Anthem. The first 20 seconds of this is used a source music on televisions twice in the beginning of the film.
[0:44-end] Amelia says goodbye to Viktor. Not sure why its titled “Homesickness”

Track 10 – Looking for Work 3:17

It looks like this is William’s original plan for the cue (It still lines up with the movie). It starts when Viktor has just been told how much Canneloni costs and continues through his search for a job, his long wait for the call-back from the Discovery Store guy, and his arrival at the abandoned gate where he gets the idea to paint the wall and begins scraping. It is based around the same theme that “Officer Torres” is. The entire cue ended up being dropped from the film. Williams wrote a new cue based on Viktor’s Theme to cover the job search, but the film contains no music during his phone call with Discovery Store guy and his walk into the abandoned gate.

Track 11 – Gupta’s Deliverance 3:18

[0:00-1:18] Just like the title says.
[1:19-end] I don’t know what this music is. Perhaps this is material purposely created for the OST to flesh out the ideas from the film cue?

Track 12 – Finding Coins And Learning to Read 4:02

[0:00-1:24] Learning to Read. Contains Viktor’s Theme.
[1:24-end] Finding Coins. Contains Viktor’s Theme.

Track 13 – “Destiny”…”Canneloni”… And The Tale of Viktor Navorski Reprise 5:05

This track is horribly titled. Its just the final scene in the movie and the first half of the end credits. Contains the Love Theme and Viktor’s Theme.

Track 14 – A Happy Navorski Ending! 2:47

The second half of the end credits. Contains the Love Theme