JWFAN Update: Score Analyses, Reviews, Cue Lists and More

Major update at JWFAN! We have added more than 100 pages, many of which were available on previous incarnations of the site, containing score analyses, cue lists, album reviews, interviews and much more. The following sections have been revamped and updated to reflect the new additions:

Complete Works
Filmography: Full list of film works with links to all major releases of each score, complete cue lists, score analyses, album reviews, interviews…
Concert Works: Basic information, premiere dates, conductors/orchestras and links to all releases of each concert work
TV Works: Complete list of TV works with number of episodes scored and links to all available releases
Other Works: Links to all available releases

Reviews & Analyses
Complete Score Analyses & Cue Lists: 12 complete score analyses and 35 complete cue lists
Album Reviews: Over 70 reviews of John Williams album releases

DVD & Blu-ray: New DVD links and more than 50 Blu-ray links