Universal Releases ‘Jurassic Park’ 20th Anniversary Soundtrack Including 4 Unreleased Tracks

Universal Music has announced the digital release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Jurassic Park, which includes John Williams’ newly remastered music from the film, as well as four bonus tracks (a total of 11 minutes of unreleased music).


The four bonus tracks featured on the remastered Jurassic Park album were chosen by Williams in conjunction with his music editor, Ramiro Belgardt. Williams and Belgradt went back through all of the master tapes of the film to spot cues that were not released on the original album. These tracks have never before been commercially released.



Original Album Tracks (remastered)

01.  Opening Titles (0:32)
02.  Theme From Jurassic Park (3:25)
03.  Incident At Isla Nublar (5:18)
04.  Journey To The Island (8:52)
05.  The Raptor Attack (2:48)
06.  Hatching Baby Raptor (3:19)
07.  Welcome To Jurassic Park (7:53
08.  My Friend, The Brachiosaurus (4:13)
09.  Dennis Steals The Embryo (5:01)
10.  A Tree For My Bed (2:09)
11.  High-Wire Stunts (4:08)
12.  Remembering Petticoat Lane (2:46)
13.  Jurassic Park Gate (2:01)
14.  Eye To Eye (6:31)
15.  T-Rex Rescue & Finale (7:41)
16.  End Credits (3:24)

Bonus Tracks (unreleased)

17. The History Lesson (2:28)
18. Stalling Around (2:32)
19. The Coming Storm (3:58)
20. Hungry Raptor (2:05)