Jon Burlingame Interviews John Williams on Disney’s ‘For Scores’ Podcast

John Williams shares the experience of hearing his scores come to life in the new episode of the Disney For Scores Podcast

Legendary composer John Williams talks with host Jon Burlingame about his latest film score for Disney’s Indiana Jones  and the Dial of Destiny. The two discuss an amusing story shared by Harrison Ford about the oddest place he ever heard Williams’ iconic march, to the particulars of writing music for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s mysterious character, Helena. Williams also reveals how he has successfully collaborated with some of the foremost filmmakers of the last two centuries to create many of the most recognized film scores of all time— with no signs of slowing down after nearly seven decades in the studio.

Show description:

In For Scores, host Jon Burlingame takes listeners on a magical journey into the world of film and television composers, revealing never-before-heard special moments behind many of today’s most beloved scores. This season, you’ll hear personal stories from the composers of Marvel Studios Avengers and Pixar’s Toy Story films, Captain Marvel, Coco, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and so much more!