John Williams was born 80 years ago today! In celebration of Mr. Williams’ anniversary, JWFan will compile the best articles, podcasts and videos honoring the Maestro and his career. Happy Birthday, John Williams!

  • John Williams 80th Birthday:  Watch Exclusive New Video – Movie music maestro John Williams turns 80 years-old today. To celebrate, I’m releasing never-before-seen footage of Williams remembering Raymond Scott. This amateur footage was shot by me, Jeff Winner, while Stan Warnow (Scott’s son) and I interviewed John Williams at the Tanglewood estate and music venue in Lenox and Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on August 4th of 2008. Some of Stan’s footage was used in the new feature-length, award-winning documentary film, “Deconstructing Dad,” but this segment has never been seen before. – Watch the video on YouTube
  • John Williams: The Master – There really isn’t a large introduction needed for John Williams.  His music is possibly the most known film music of all time.  His works have been ingrained and enjoyed in popular culture, and yet still studied by film score enthusiasts.  His beginning started the same way as many film composers do. – Full article at The Music Behind the Screen
  • Happy 80th Birthday to John Williams! – I created this painting back in 1998 when I went to see him conduct the London Symphony Orchestra. I managed to get a print of this piece to John, although I didn’t meet him. A little while later I received a couple of lovely letters of thanks, one from his agent and the other from the Boston Symphony which was where he was working at the time as Laureate Conductor. – Full article at PSStudioDPI
  • John Williams: 80 Years, 8 Classic Moments – John Williams is 80 today. The man has created some of the most timeless tunes ever to come out of American cinema in the last 40 years. Just rattling off the list of well-known tunes is intimidating: Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, Harry Potter, ET, Schindler’s List… Here are some classic moments in cinema, made that way because of John Williams’ music. – Full article at The 24th Frame
  • Happy 80th Birthday, John Williams – He’s written some of the world’s most famous movie music. He’s been nominated for 47 Oscars, winning five. He’s been honored by the president. Here is a look at five of his must-listen movie score moments and some of his reflections on writing them. – Full article at Wane.com
  • Beethoven naszych czasów – Jego “Gwiezdne wojny” słyszało prawdopodobnie więcej osób niż “V Symfonię” Beethovena. Jest najpopularniejszym kompozytorem muzyki filmowej wszech czasów. Zdobył 5 Oscarów i 47 nominacji – więcej miał tylko Walt Disney. Napisał muzykę do ponad 100 filmów. Właśnie kończy 80 lat. I ani myśli o emeryturze. – Full article at Onet.Muzyka (In Polish)
  • Happy Birthday, John Williams! – On behalf of film geeks around the world wishing the über-maestro himself, Mr. John Williams, a very happy 80th birthday! Normally we celebrate years of life by giving gifts. Today, let’s celebrate the gifts we have received from Mr. Williams’ years of life. – Full article at Ain’t It Cool News