FAMILY PLOT (1976) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by Herbert W. Spencer, Al Woodbury

M101 The First Seance
M201 Blanche’s Challenge
M202/300 The Mystery Woman
M301 The Rescue of Constantine
M302 The Diamond Chandelier
M402 Kitchen Pranks
M501 The Shoebridge Headstone
M601 Maloney’s Visit to the Jewlery Shop
M602 Maloney’s Knife
M700 The Stake Out
M701 The Second Seance
M802 Nothing Held Back
M803 The White Mustang
M900/1000 Blanche and George
M1001 Maloney’s Exit
M1001A Share and Share Alike
M1002 The Mondrian Shot
M1003/1100 The Revealed Identity
M1101 The Search Montage
M1102 Blanche’s Arrival
M1103/1201 Blanche’s Note
M1202 Blanche Gets the Needle
M1203/1300 Breaking Into the House
M1301 The Secret Door
M1301A Blanche Wakes Up
M1302 End Cast

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)