THE PATRIOT (2000) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by John Neufeld

1m3 The Patriot
1m4 The North Star
1m5 The Letter Scene
1m6 Martin and Charlotte
1m7 Yankee Dances
2m1 Addressing the Assembly
2m3Rev The Defeat at Charleston
2m3 The Defeat at Charleston
2m4 Remembering Fort Wilderness
2m5 Walking Among the Fallen
2m6-7 Redcoats in the Cornfield
3m1 (Insert) Into the Burning House
3m1 The Death of Thomas
3m2 The First Ambush
3m3 After the Ambush
3m4Rev Martin and Sons
3m5 Martin Leaves the Family
4m3 Reading the War Map
4m4 The Colonel and the Corporal
4m5A Anne’s Speech in the Church
4m6 The Tavern
4m7 More Tavern
4m8 Rough Fighter Recruited
4m9 Villeneuve’s Training
5m1 At Camp
5m4 Ann and Gabriel
5m5 Ann and Gabriel Part
5m6 Tavington’s Ambush
5m7 Remembering the Wilderness
5m8 Martin to the Stockade
6m1 Fort Drums
6m2 Tavington vs Martin
6m4 Tavington to the Plantation
6m5 Burning the Plantation
6m6 To Gullah Maroon
7m1 Burnt-Out Homes
7m2 Susan and Father
7m3 The Wedding
7m4 Ann’s Wedding
8m7/8 Preparing for Battle
9m1A The British Counter-Attack
End Credits

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)