THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by Alexander Courage, John Williams

R1P1 (Version B) The Poseidon Adventure
R2P2/R3P1 Rogo and Linda
R3P10 The Big Wave
R4P1 The Aftermath
R5P1 Raising the Christmas Tree
R6P1 Nonnie and Red
R6P2/R7P1 Up the Tree (Revised)
R7P2 Death’s Door
R7P2A The Upturned Galley
R7P3 Through the Galley
R9P1 The Other Survivors
R9P2 Search for the Engine Room
R10P1 Barber Shoppe Scene
R10P2 Saving Robin
R11P1 The Death of Belle
R12P1 Hold Your Breath
R12P2 The Red Wheel
R13P1/R14P1 Rogo Takes Command

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)